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glassware manufacturers

This list is absolutely not comprehensive, but contains (we hope) the names of most of the pre-eminent companies and individuals in the glass industry, past and present, that you are most likely to come across (as well as a good few you will almost certainly never encounter!)

Entries are mostly for manufacturers, but also include some refiners, importers and/or retailers of glass. Names listed under each company are mostly of designers, but include some owners/directors, glass-blowers, engravers, cutters and enamellists. Where we could, we have included links to the websites of companies that are still in production (although sometimes they no longer produce the type of glass for which they were once known). We would appreciate your suggestions if you know of any we have missed

Note: For Bohemian companies, where the town is known, the modern (post First World War) Czechoslovakian (now Czech Republic or Slovakian) town name is shown in brackets after the original German name (in the case of Silesian towns, the modern Polish name)

For contemporary glassworkers and glass artists, see current British glassworkers, and current overseas glassworkers