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glassware manufacturers: Q to R

Quezal Art Glass & Decorating Co
Brooklyn. N.Y., USA (1901 - 1924)

Copies of Tiffany designs. Martin Bach Sr., Thomas Johnson (both ex-Tiffany), Emil J Larson, Martin Bach Jr.

Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Modern cut-glass mirrors

Rachmann Brothers (Brüder Rachmann)
Haida (Nový Bor), Bohemia (1876 - 1945)

Wilhelm Rachmann (1846-1916) & his brother Heinrich in Langenau, Bohemia (moved to Haida 1884). Produced or refined atomisers, toilet sets & fancy boxes, often with metal trims that they produced themselves. Expanded under founders' sons Wilhelm (1882-1943) and Bruno (c 1885-1938), until they split in 1932, Bruno taking the metalworks. Wilhelm founded his own metalworks in 1936. After his death, the company was run by his widow & four daughters until 1945, when it was expropriated by the state, without compensation, and the family evicted

Radeberger Glashütten, Vereinigte (United Radeberg Glassworks)
Radeberg, Germany (late 19th - early 20thC)

Pressed functional glassware
(the 1890 catalogue can be seen at

Ragazzi & C
Murano, Venice, Italy (1980s to present)

Peter Young, Alberto Moretti, Nicola Moretti. Fused-murrhine costume-jewellery & ornaments

Rainbow Art Glass
Huntington, W.Va., USA (1954 - 1972)

Subsidiary of Viking

Red House Glassworks
Wordsley, Stourbridge, England (1776 - 1885)

Founded by George Ensell. After several changes of ownership, it was leased by Frederick Stuart in 1881, and eventually bought out by Stuart & Sons in 1885

Regent Flint Glass Co
Salford, Manchester, England (1877)

Pressed glass (2 designs registered 1877). Formerly John Derbyshire

Reich & Co, S
Krasno, Bohemia (1813 - ?)

Mass-produced industrial acid-cameo glass c 1900 (signed 'R Krasno'), also pressed glass c 1930s. 108 designs registered in UK, 1892-1908. Listed as 'S Reich & Co, London. Austrian Glass Manufacturer'

Reich & Spolgcnost, S
London, England (early 20th Century)

49 designs registered 1908-1925. Probably another incarnation of S Reich & Co

Reich Soehne, L
London, England (early 20th Century)

8 designs registered 1911-1912. Probably connected to S Reich & Co

Östergötland, Sweden (1810 to present)

Pressed glass from 1830. Art glass resumed from 1936
(the 1897 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Rheinische Glasshütte
Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany (1864 - 1937)

Winged drinking-glasses (often with figure-of-eight snake stems & cresting), copies of 16th & 17th Century glass. 18 designs registered in UK, 1909-1935

Richard, M
Paris, France (c 1920s - 30s)

Reportedly a refinery & retail outlet in Paris owned by Edmond Etling. Among other products, they commissioned acid-cameo vases, bowls, lamps & night-lights from Loetz, which bear the cameo signature 'Richard'

Richardson & Sons, Henry G
Wordsley, Stourbridge, England (c 1870 - c 1959)

The Wordsley Flint Glass Works. Successors to W H, B & J Richardson. Henry Gething Richardson, in partnership with his sons Benjamin (III) & Arthur. Taken over by Thos Webb & Sons 1930 & moved to its Dennis Glassworks. Name still occasionally used by them until late 1950s (33 designs registered from 1882 to 1928)
(some of the old Richardson pattern books are now held in the archives of Dudley council)

Richardson, Benjamin
Stourbridge, England (1854 - c 1870)

The Wordsley Flint Glass Works. Formerly W H, B & J Richardson (12 designs registered from 1854 to 1858). Became Henry G Richardson & Sons (c 1870)

Richardson, W H, B & J
Wordsley, Stourbridge, England (1836 - 1854)

The Wordsley Flint Glass Works. Formerly Webb & Richardson. William Haden Richardson, Benjamin Richardson (I), Jonathan Richardson. 1842 also acquired the White House Glassworks from Thomas Webb (I). John Northwood, Edwin Grice, Thomas Bott, W J/Joseph Muckley, Philip Pargeter, T Guest. (10 designs registered from 1847 to 1851), Became Benjamin Richardson (1854)

Riedel, Josef
Polaun (Polubný), Bohemia (1888 - 1938)

From a long line of glass manufacturers & refiners (dating back to the late 17th Century), including his father (also Josef), who invented Annagrün (green) & Annagelb (yellow) uranium-tinted glass in c 1830, and various other colours & stains. As well as being a high-quality refiner, Josef (junior) also developed new colours - some 600 that could be produced consistently. 1 design registered in UK in 1928. After World War II, the Riedel Glassworks moved to Kufstein, Austria, where it produces both hand- & machine-made drinking-related items

Riess & Co, A
London, England (early 20th Century)

1 design registered in UK in 1903. Listed as 'Importers of Foreign Glass & China'

Rigot, Edmund (see Villeroy & Boch)

Riihimäen Lasi Oy (Riihimäki Glassworks)
Riihimäki, Finland (1910 - 1990)

Art glass from 1928. Henry Ericsson, Arrtu Brummer (d 1951), Gunnel Nyman, Helena Tynell, Nanny Still, Aimo Okkolin, Tamara Aladin, Ekkitapio Siiroinen. Ceased blown glass 1976, bought by Ahlstrom 1985, closed 1990

Rindskopf, Josef
Kosten bei Teplitz (Košt'any u Teplic), Bohemia (1891 - 1927)

Iridised Art Nouveau glass. Went public 1920 and turned to pressed glass. Went bankrupt in 1927
(the 1915 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Rioda, Successori Andrea
Murano, Venice, Italy (1911 - 38)

Originally Andrea Rioda & C. (name changed c 1930). Manufactured for Salviati (including designs by Dino Martens). Andrea Rioda, Eduino Zanetti. Giulio Radi (left 1932 to co-found A.VE.M.)

Robinson & Bolton
Warrington, Lancs, England (c 1855 - c 1868)

The Orford Lane Glass Works. Pressed glass (5 designs registered from 1856 to 1867). Edward Bolton, Peter Robinson (Robinson left to found Robinson & Skinner c 1868)

Robinson & Skinner
Warrington, Lancs, England (c 1868 - c 1880)

The Mersey Glass Works. Peter Robinson (from Robinson & Bolton). Pressed glass (1 design registered 28th January 1875)

Robinson, Skinner & Co
Warrington, Lancs, England (c 1890 - c 1900)

Formerly Robinson, Son & Skinner. The Mersey Glass Works. Pressed glass (1 design registered 10th May 1892)

Robinson, Smith & Co
Warrington, Lancs, England (c 1900 - c 1920)

Formerly Robinson, Skinner & Co. The Mersey Glass Works. Pressed glass (1 design registered 3rd July 1909)

Robinson, Son & Co
Warrington, Lancs, England (c 1920 - c 1890)

Formerly Robinson, Smith & Co. The Mersey Glass Works. Pressed glass. Taken over by John Walsh Walsh 1933 and moved to Birmingham

Robinson, Son & Skinner
Warrington, Lancs, England (c 1880 - c 1890)

Formerly Robinson & Skinner. The Mersey Glass Works. Pressed glass (1 design registered 10/12/1885)

Rochère, Cristallerie la
Passavant la Rochère, France (1475 to present)

Simon de Thysac. Oldest active glass-works in France (and one of the world's oldest). Architectural glassware, tableware, lamps of multi-layered glass using techniques of Art Nouveau master glassmakers

Ronneby Glassworks FM (Färe-Marcolin Konstglas)
Ronneby, Sweden (1961 - 1990)

The brothers Josef & Benito Marcolin, Venetian glass artists, were invited to come to Sweden by the Glimma glassworks in 1954. From 1957 to 1961 they worked at the Reijmyre glassworks, alongside Tyra Lundgren, Monika Bratt, Tom Möller & others. In 1961 they started their own glassworks. Josef married Inga-Lill Färe, hence the company name. Mostly ornaments, animal figures etc. Signed pressed paperweights by Mats Jonasson, now of Målerås Glassworks (see also Marcolin Art Crystal)

Amberg, Germany (1879 to present)

Philipp Rosenthal. Originally decorator (from 1879) & manufacturer (from 1891) of porcelain. Glassware first produced 1954. Introduced 'studio-linie' high-quality tableware 1961. Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Bjorn Wiinblad, Professor Claus Josef Riedel, Michael Boehm (1966-), Wolf Karnagel (1960s)

Rosin Arte Studio, Dino
Murano, Venice, Italy (1975 to present)

Founded by Loredano Rosin (d. 1991), carried on by his younger brother Dino Rosin

Rossi, Paolo, Maestro Vetrario
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Reproduction Roman glass archaeological finds

Rössler, Theodor
Bohemia (c 1918 - 1938)

Cloisonné-style figurative enamellist

Rotherham Glassworks (see Beatson, Clark Glass Manufacturers)

Rousseau, F Eugène
Paris, France (c 1870 - c 1910)

Trained in porcelain and ceramics. Used Appert Frères at Clichy to produce cased, cameo, intaglio-engraved, sometimes crackled vases, frequently with bronze or siver mounts. Alphonse-Georges Reyen (1877). His pupil, Ernest-Baptiste Léveillé bought his workshop in 1885 and continued to produce Rousseau's designs until c 1910 (Rousseau died 1891). Vases sometimes signed "E Rousseau" (with or without "Paris")

Royal Brierley Crystal
Stourbridge, England (1931 to present)

Formerly Stevens & Williams. Royal warrant awarded by George V. After encountering financial difficulties in the late 1990s, went into receivership in 2000. Subsequently bought by various companies, finally becoming a division of Dartington Crystal in 2006

Royal Castle Flint Glass Works
Hatton, near Tutbury, England (1871 - early 20th C)

Founded by JTH Richardson. Francis & Charles Crossley, (engravers). Fell into disuse, later re-built as Trent Valley Glassworks in 1947

Royal Doulton Crystal
Amblecote, Stourbridge, England (1986 to present)

Formerly Webb Corbett. Cut lead crystal. Now part of WWRD (Waterford, Wedgwood & Royal Doulton) group, which also includes Royal Albert, Minton, Johnson Brothers & Franciscan

Royale de Champagne-Bayel
Bayel, France (1678 to present)

High quality blown, pressed, crystal tableware & decorative objects, both hot- & cold-worked, Pâte-de-Verre sculptures. Now part of the Haviland group

Royal Kröne glassworks
Sweden (20th Century)

Mats Jonasson

Royal Scandinavia
Scandinavia (1997 to present)

A multinational glass & ceramics manufacturing group (of which the Carlsberg brewery is the largest shareholder) formed by the amalgamation of Kastrup-Holmegaard, Boda Nova-Höganäs Keramik, Orrefors Kosta Boda & Venini, as well as Georg Jensen jewellery & Royal Copenhagen china

Rückl, Anton & Söhne (now Rückl Crystal)
Nižbor, Czechoslovakia (1846 - 1945, 1992 to present)

Vases, lamps etc. in cut cased, enamelled & gilded, spatter-glass. 1 design registered in UK in 1898 (listed as 'Antony Rueckl, Bienenthal, Bohemia, Austria. Glass Maker'). Glassworks nationalised after World War II and absorbed into 'Ceský Krištál' (Czech Crystal) in Ceske Budejovice, which in turn became part of 'Sklárny Bohemia' (Bohemia Glassworks) in Podebrady. In 1992, Jirí Rückl (a direct descendent of the Rückl glassmaking family) bought back the Nižbor glassworks, & set up the firm 'Antonín Rückl a synové s.r.o.,sklárna Nižbor', which became 'Rückl Crystal' in 1998

Rupel, Cristallerie de
Boom, Belgium (1925 - 1972)

Paul Heller (1935), Theo Struppe (1938), Louis Wieme (1954), F A Van Ransbeeck (1956). Trademarks: 'Artver', 'Artlux', 'Boom', 'Arlecchino', 'Bel'arte', 'Cristal'arte', 'Cristaloc', 'Alabasta' & 'Cascade'

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