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glassware manufacturers: E to G

Eccleston Flint Glass Works (see Sherwood, George)

Eda Glassworks
Värmland, Sweden (1833 - 1953)

Originally the Emterud glassworks, changed name in 1843.
Edvard Strömberg & his wife Gerda Strömberg (1927-33 left to found Strömbergshyttan), Bo Fjaestad

Edinburgh & Leith Flint Glass Co
Norton Park, Edinburgh, Scotland (1867 - 1955)

Helen Turner Munro, A E Morris, D C Hewat, F Mungall, V Trainer. Producers of Edinburgh Crystal. Bought by Webb's Crystal Glass Co 1919, became Edinburgh Crystal Glass Co in 1955 (see below)

Edinburgh Crystal Glass Co
Penicuik, Scotland (1955 to present)

Bought by Crown House 1964, moved to Penicuik in 1974. Cut & engraved crystal. Paperweights 1986-1990 (manufactured for them by Caithness 1986-87). Nowadays importers of cut glass from eastern Europe


Effe Due Murano (Di Franco Fuga)
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

General art glassware & 18th Century-style chandeliers. Connection to either Effe Tre (if any) unknown

Effetre International
Murano, Venice, Italy (c 1947 - ?)

Lino Tagliapetra (1948-89), Andries Dirk Copier. Art glassware & modern lighting/chandeliers

Effetre Murano
Murano, Venice, Italy (1977 to present)

Modern lamps. Different address from above; connection (if any) unknown

Egermann, Friedrich
Blottendorf (Polevsko), Bohemia (1777 to present)

Friedrich Egermann (1777-1864), enameller & gilder; invented lithyalin glass (1828), yellow stain (c 1820), red stain (c 1840) & various enamels. Later moved to Haida (Nový Bor). Anton Ambrosius Egermann, (1814 - 1888), son of Friedrich, took over the company on his father's death. Noted for his Historismus enamelled glassware, often commissioned (1873-1878) by J & L Lobmeyr of Vienna (pieces marked with both the Egermann 'anchor with 3 stars' & the Lobmeyr logo)

Ehrenfeld Glashütte
Ehrenfeld, near Cologne, Germany (1864 - 1931)

Formerly Rheinischen Glashütte. Hand-blown Historismus & pressed functional glassware
(the 1884 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Eisch, Glashütte Valentin
Frauenau, Germany (1946 to present)

Erwin Eisch (b.1927). Hand-blown free-form glassware & crystal tableware

Eiselt, Rudolf
Haida (Nový Bor), Bohemia (c 1925 - 1938)

Glass refining studio & showroom. Worked with Nový Bor & Kamenický Šenov glass schools

Sweden (1917 - 1976)

R Stähl & Hjalmar Stähl (both from Orrefors). Purchased by Sven Westberg 1922 (d 1962). Designers include Tage Larsson (1930), Hildur Haggård (1936), Greta Runeborg-Tell (1939-50s), Astrid Rietz (1945), Edvin Ollers (1940-47), John Orwar Lake (1953-76), Michael Bang (1960s)

Kosten bei Teplitz (Košt'any u Teplic), Bohemia (1889 - 1920)

William Habel, assisted by Josef & Theodor Pallme-König founded a glassworks (which he named after his mother, Elizabeth), producing much of the raw material for Pallme-König. Officially merged with Pallme-König in 1907, forming the 'Glasfabrik Elizabeth, Pallme-König & Habel'. In 1920 the glassworks name ceased to be used, and the company became the 'Vereinigte Glasshüttenwerke Pallme-König & Habel'

Elfverson & Co
London, England (c 1930s)

Wholesale import/export company, dealing in (among other products) James Powell and Stromberg glass

Älmhult, Sweden (1917 - 1970)

Edvin Ollers (1926-30), Carl Olov Borgarp (1962-70), Kjeld Jordan & John Hall (1960s), Hjördis Olsson & Charlotte Rude (1967-70)

Elwell & Co, H
Harlow, England (c 1930s - 1950s)

Retailer of art glass, notably that of the Nazeing Glass Works

Emanuel & Co, Max
London, England (c 1886 - 1914)

Importer and retailer of art glass, notably commissioned a large range of products from the Loetz glassworks. 114 designs registered, 1886-1914. Listed as 'Max Emanuel & Co, London. Foreign Agent' (see also 'Selinger & Emanuel')

Murano, Venice, Italy ( c 1985 to present)

Laura Diaz de Santillana (1989-), Lino Tagliapetra (1991-). Current Murano glassworks opened 1990

Erickson Glassworks
Bremen, Ohio, USA (1943 - 1961)

Carl/Steven Erickson (1943, from Sweden)

Erskine Glass Co
Wellsburg, W Va, USA (1919 - ?)

Founded by
John O Erskine, William Erskine, J G Simpson, Robert S Cain, D S Swaney, on the site of the old Dalzell plant. Originally made lamps & novelty items. By 1975 the company was making glassware for the lamp & lighting fixture industry as well as commissioned moulded items. William Erskine Jr

Paris, France (c 1920s - 30s)

Commissioning retailer. Edmond-Laurent Etling. Genevieve Granger, Lucille Sevin, Jean-Theodore Delabasse, Geza Hiez, Georges Béal

Fabich, Herrmann
Haida (Nový Bor), Bohemia (1908 - 2000)

Herrmann Fabich, manufacturer of (mainly) cut & enamelled lighting fittings for the American market. The company later moved to Hadamar, Germany, where it was run by his son, Herbert Fabich

Fäcke & Co
Kohlfurt, Silesia, Germany (early 20th C)

Pressed functional glassware
(the 1928 catalogue can be seen at

Falcon Glass House (see Pellatt & Co, Apsley)

Färe-Marcolin Konstglas (see Ronneby Glassworks FM)

FDV Group
Salzano, Venice, Italy (2002 to present)

Group of Murano lighting manufacturers, including: I Tre (est 1975), Murano Due (est 1982), Aureliano Toso Illuminazione (est 1938), Gallery Vetri d'Arte, Alt Lucialternative (est 1963), Luxit (est 1967), Leucos (est 1962)

Federal Glass Co
Columbus, Ohio, USA (1900 - 1979)

Began making hand-blown glassware, switching to mass-production of Depression glass in 1920s. From the 1940s made pressed glassware for restaurants, hospitals & the military. Patterns & moulds purchased & used by Indiana Glass Co

Fenice, La, Vetreria Artistica
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Gianfranco Albertini. Filigree art glassware, bathroom accessories

Fenner Glashütte
Fenne, near Saarbrücken, Germany (1813 - 1939)

Formerly Raspiller & Co. Cut & engraved drinking-glasses, decanters etc
(the 1906 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Fenton Art Glass Co
Williamstown, W Va, USA (1905 to present)

Frank Leslie Fenton. Popular imitations of Tiffany and other art glass, carnival & other pressed glass

Ferro & C., Fratelli
Murano, Venice, Italy (late 19th C - 1911)

Ferro & Cimegotto
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Paperweights, gilded & enamelled panels

Ferro & Lazzarini
Murano, Venice, Italy (1929 to present)

Founded by
Eugenio Ferro & Giovanni Lazzarini as 'Ferro Eugenio & C'. Changed to present name after Ferro died in 1947. Ezio Rizzetto, Fulvio Bianconi. Sculptures, ornate paperweights & other glassware

Ferro, Galliano
Murano, Venice, Italy (1955 to present)

Galliano Ferro. Now run by his son, Giorgio. Classic Murano chandeliers, from Renaissance to Art Nouveau

Ferro Opalini, Fratelli
Murano, Venice, Italy (post-War)

French-style opaline items

Ferro Toso, S.A.I.A.R. (Società Anonima Italiana Arti Riunite Ferro Toso)
Murano, Venice, Italy (late 19th C - 1936)

Originally Ferro Toso & C., then S.A.I.A.R. Vitrum Ferro Toso. Artemio & Decio Toso. Anna Akerdahl (1920), Guido & Ann Balsamo Stella (1928-30), Alfredo Barbini (as a teenager). Merged with Vetreria Artistica Barovier after it had gone into liquidation (1936)

Ferro Toso Barovier
Murano, Venice, Italy (1936 - 1939)

Vetreria Artistica Barovier (1920-36) merged with S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso in 1936, before finally becoming Barovier Toso & C in 1939

Feure, Georges de
Paris, France (c 1910)

Painter & decorative artist. Only 3 known glass designs, all signed 'G de Feure'

Filigrana, La
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Paolo Crepax

Fleming & Co, Joseph
Stourbridge, England (c 1920 - 1934)

Joseph Fleming. Cut, engraved & etched tableware. Became Amblecote Glass Co (1934)

Småland, Sweden (1888 - 1979)

Ernst Wiktor Lundqvist, August Zeitz. Willem G de Moor (1939), Paul Kedelv (1949-56), Wiktor Berndt (1955-74), Marie Bergqvist (1956). Taken over by Orrefors 1974, closed 1979

F M Konstglas (see Ronneby Glassworks FM)

Fontana, Vetri d'Arte
Milan, Italy (1881 - ?)

Mainly lighting, with some sculptural and other glass. Luigi Fontana, Gio Ponti, Pietra Chesa, Giacomo Manzu, Erwin Walter Burger (1931-45), Emanuele Ranci Ortigosa (1945). Production of enamelled items signed 'Vedar' (1925 -33), introduced by Dr Carlo Vezzoli

Ford & Co, John
Edinburgh, Scotland (1835 - 1904)

The Holyrood Flint Glass Works. John Ford. Pressed glass (6 designs registered from 1876 to 1900), sulphide paperweights

Murano, Venice, Italy (c 1960s to present)

Since 1996, operates from former furnaces of Seguso Vetri d'Arte. General art glass & both classic & modern chandeliers

Moundsville, W Va, USA (1887 - 1986)

Largest hand-blown glass factory in US (originally in Fostoria, Ohio), principally stemmed drinking-glasses. Tiffany-style iridescent glass produced c 1912-1917

Foundry, The
England (?) (known to exist 1986)

Hand-blown glass

Franchetti, Raimondo (Vetreria Veneziana Barone Raimondo Franchetti)
Murano, Venice, Italy (1826 - 1960s)

a.k.a. Cristalleria Franchetti. Mainly industrial glass, some cut & engraved crystal services. Supplied Italian Royal Navy with services, lamps, globes & lenses (1892-). Alfredo Barbini trained here c 1930

Franklin Flint Glass Works
Philadelphia, PA, USA (1861 - 1912)

Established by an English immigrant, William T Gillinder & his sons Frederick, James & William. Became Gillinder Brothers Inc in 1912. Hand-blown, cut & pressed glassware

Fucina degli Angeli, La
Murano, Venice, Italy (1953 - 2007)

Originally called Centro Studio Pittori Arte del Vetro. Founded by Egidio Costantini (1912-2007) to co-ordinate the work of artists and glassmakers, as a design studio only (the work being carried out by various blowers at several Murano companies). Aldo 'Polo' Bon (1954-74), Gino Krayer (1955), Loredano Rosin (1965-74), Mario Dei Rossi (1975-). Other artists/designers have included Pablo Picasso (1954), Jean Cocteau (1963), Marc Chagall, Férnand Leger, Jean Arp (1964), Max Ernst (1966), Seibizzi, Bergamini, Georges Braque, Alexander Calder, Lucio Fontana, Paul Jenkins, Oskar Kokoschka, Le Corbusier, Mark Tobey, Andrè Verdet

Fuga, Anzolo (Anzolo Fuga Vetri Decorati e Vetrate Istoriate)
Murano, Venice, Italy (1954 - ?)

Stained glass workshop. Anzolo Fuga (part-time while working for A.Ve.M. until late 1960s, then full-time)

Gallé, Cristallerie d'Émile
Nancy, France (1894 - 1936)

Émile Gallé founded a glass design & decorating workshop in Meisenthal in 1873, having earlier (1866-69) served an apprenticeship there, at Burgun, Schverer & Cie, who continued to manufacture glass for him until he founded his own glassworks in Nancy in 1894. Louis Hestaux, Paul Holderbach, August Herbst, Victor Prouvé (1904-1913)

Galway Crystal
Galway, Eire (1967 - 1974)

Cut lead crystal. Taken over by Wedgwood Glass 1974

Gambaro E Poggi
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Glass sculptures & general ornaments

Gammon, Thomas
Birmingham, England (1849 - 1852)

The Belmont Glass Works. Very early manufacturer of pressed domestic glassware (5 designs registered, 1849 to 1852)

Gerresheimer Glas
Düsseldorf, Germany (1864 to present)

Ferdinand Heye. Pharmaceutical glassware & cosmetic containers. 3 designs registered in the UK in 1913. Listed as 'Gerresheimer Glashuettenwerke'

Ghisetti, Giampaolo
Murano, Venice, Italy (1960s to present)

Giampaolo Ghisetti (b. 1944). Primarily a painter in oils. Gilded & enamelled glassware & reproductions

Gillinder Brothers Inc
Port Jervis, NY, USA (1912 to present)

Started as the Franklin Flint Glass Works of Philadelphia (founded by William T Gillinder, an English immigrant, in 1861, & his sons Frederick, James & William). Company moved to present location & became Gillinder Bros in 1912. Hand-blown, cut & pressed glassware. Now trades as Gillinder Glass, specialising in heat-resistant glass for light fittings, but also produces collectables

Glasshouse, The
London, England (1969 - 1970s)

Established 1969 by Samuel J 'Sam' Herman (USA - left to go to Australia 1974). Other founder-members (now independent glassworkers) include Peter Layton, Pauline Solven, Steven Newell, Jane Gilchrist, Dillon Clarke, David Taylor, Iestyn Davies. Charlie Meaker & Anthony Stern both also trained here. Annette Meech, Fleur Tookey, Christopher Williams.

Goebel, W
Germany (c 1970s to present)

Primarily porcelain manufacturers. Also produced pressed crystal Walt Disney figurines & other pressed paperweights. Member of Rodental group

Goldberg, Carl
Haida (Nový Bor), Bohemia (1891 - 1938)

Glass refiner & exporter. Company nationalised after World War II

Goode & Co Ltd, Thomas
London (1827 to present)

Retailers of the very best quality ceramics and glassware (including Baccarat, St Louis, Moser, Thomas Webb, Stuart etc), they have acted as agents for various monarchies and principalities, receiving their first Royal Warrant from HRH Edward, Prince of Wales in 1863

Gordiola (Vidrios de Mallorca, Los)
Algaida, Majorca, Spain (1719 to present)

Gordiola-Rigal (c 1669-1740), Bernardo Gordiola Cànaves (1720-1791), Antonio Gordiola Fortuny (1775-1840), Gabriel Gordiola Carreras (1816-1862), Ana Balaguer Mariano (1820-1876), Gabriel Gordiola Balaguer (1855-1911), Antonia Manera Cirerol (1860-1928), Bernardo Gordiola Manera (1889-1960) founder of the Pueblo Español glassworks in Barcelona, Gabriel Gordiola Manera (1894-1974). Family glassworks, producing both functional & decorative hand-blown glassware, much of it influenced by antique glassware

Gozo glass
Gozo, Malta (1989 to present)

Hand-blown studio glass

Goupy, Marcel
Paris, France (1918 - 1936)

Designer & enamellist, working for the retailer Georges Rouard. Assisted by Auguste Heiligenstein. Goupy eventually became Artistic Director for Georges Rouard from 1929 until his death in 1954

Graesser, J B
Zwickau, Germany (late 19th - early 20thC)

Cut, engraved, enamelled, hot-formed domestic glassware of all types
(the 1900 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Gral Glashütte
Dürnau, Göppingen, Germany (1930 - 1992)

Art glass from 1946. Dr R Garnich, Konrad Habermeier, Josef Stadler, Günther Hofmann, Karl Wiedemann, Kay Krasnitsky, Josef Schott, Hermann Schwahn, Hans Sukopp

Grandis, Nicoletta De
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Gilded & enamelled glassware

Battersea, London, England (1926 - 1936)

Elizabeth Graydon-Stannus, A Noel Billinghurst, James Manning & George Hollins (glassblowers)

Green & Nephew, James
London, England (early 20th Century)

27 designs registered, 1900-1938. Listed as 'James Green & Nephew, London. China & Glass Merchant'

Greener & Co
Sunderland, England (1885 - 1921)

Pressed glass (48 designs registered from 1885 to 1913). Formerly Henry Greener (bought by James A Jobling)

Greener, Henry
Sunderland, England (1869 - 1885)

The Wear Flint Glass Works. Pressed glass (29 designs registered from 1869 to 1884). Formerly Angus & Greener

Guernsey Glass (see Island Studio Glass)

Guggenheim, M & J
London, England (1877 - c 1947)

Max & Jacques Guggenheim, importers of chinaware, and of glassware (made mostly by the Libochovice Glass Company in Czechoslovakia), Max having learned the trade working for James Green & Nephew of London, china & glass merchants. Max's son Eric Guggenheim took control of the company in about 1931, & Max died in 1943 (16 designs registered from 1897 to 1938)

Småland, Sweden (1893 - 1995)

Glassworks closed 1921, re-opened 1927 by
William Stenberg. Hugo Gehlin (1930-53), Arthur Percy (1951-65), Kjell Blomberg (1955-77). Became part of Krona-Bruken in 1974, leased (later sold) in 1977 to Orrefors, who closed the factory in 1983. Production restarted 1990, finally closed down 1995

Gus Crystal Glassworks (Gus Khrustalny)
near Moscow, Russia (1756 to present)

Founded by a merchant,
Akim Maltsov, on the banks of the river Gus. The glassworks won a bronze medal at the 1893 Chicago Exhibition, & the Grand Prix at the 1900 Paris Exhibition. High quality lead crystal & colored glassware. Joseph Špinar, Czech master enamellist, worked at the glassworks from 1912 until his death in1942

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