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glassware manufacturers: L to M

Lady Glass
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Gilded & enamelled glassware

Laeken glassworks
Laeken, near Brussels, Belgium (19th Century)

High-quality gilded, cut, cut cased and enamelled opaline ware

Mallorca, Spain (current)

Hand-blown reproductions of ancient Roman glassware

Lalique et Cie, Cristallerie
Combs-la-Ville, France (1909 to present)

René Jules Lalique. Pressed, mould-blown & engraved glass. Moved to current factory at Wingen-sur-Moder 1918. Wilhelm von Eiff. Marc Lalique (René's son), Marie-Claude Lalique (Marc's daughter). 1 design registered in UK in 1923, listed as 'Rene Lalique'

Lambeth Glass Works (see Albert Glass Works)

Lang & Son, Jules
Chelmsford, England (1854 to present)

Originally Jonas & Jules Lang of Clerkenwell, London. Moved to Chelmsford, Essex c 1985. Now trade from Maidstone, Kent, as Jules Lang Glassware Ltd. Importers of catering & table items (mainly Czechoslovakian pressed glass during 1920s & 30s). 196 designs registered from 1883 to 1944

Lange, Cristallerie
Bad Wildungen, Germany (mid to late 20th C)

Cut & engraved domestic glassware
(the 1950 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Lauensteiner Hütte
Lauenstein, Germany (1701 - 1870)

English-influenced drinking-glasses, sometimes bearing lion-rampant mark with the letter 'C'

Launay Hautin
France (mid 19th C)

Retailer of pressed & cut glassware from Baccarat, St Louis, and other French glassworks
(the 1840 and 1841 catalogues can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Lausitzer Glaswerke, Vereinigte (United Lausitz Glassworks)
Weisswasser, (formerly East) Germany (late 19th C - 1995)

All types of glassware, from pressed functional glassware to acid-cameo art glass signed 'Arsall' or 'Arsale'
(various catalogues, from 1935 to 1969, can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Leerdam (N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandsche Glasfabriek - Royal Dutch Glassworks)
Leerdam, Holland (1878 to present)

Art glass from 1915. Andries Dirk Copier (1914-71), K P C de Bazel (1915-), Cornelis de Lorm (1916-25), Christiaan Johannes Lanooy (1919-30), Chris Lebeau (1922-23), Hendrick P Berlage (1923), R Strebelle (1926-27), Lucienne Bloch (1928-?), Floris Meydam (1935-1950s). Post-war: Wilhelm Heesen (1943), Stef Uiterval (1950s), Sybren Valkema (c 1960s). From 1938 a division of the (Dutch) United Glassworks, which also bought Maastricht in 1959. 14 designs registered in UK in 1922, listed as 'Glasfabriek Leerdam'. Acquired by Libbey Europe in 2002

Legras & Cie
St Denis, Paris, France (1864 - 1914)

August Jean-Francois Legras. Camille Tutré de Varreux (1910). Enamelled and cameo Art Nouveau glass, marked either 'Legras', 'L & Cie', 'Sargel' (Legras backwards), 'Leg.' (enamelled), 'Mont Joye & Cie', 'de Vez' (designs by de Varreux). After WWI, merged with Cristallerie de Pantin (see 'Pantin, Cristallerie de') to form Verreries et Cristalleries de St Denis et Pantin Réunies (see 'St Denis et Pantin'), but continued to use 'Legras' signature on some enamelled or acid-etched vases during 1920s & 30s
(the catalogues for 1896 and 1899 can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Lenhardt, Josef
Steinschönau (Kamenický Senov), Bohemia (late 19th C)

Specialised in Schwartzlot enamelling in 'Historismus' style, initially for J & L Lobmeyr, then in business for himself

Murano, Venice, Italy (1962 to present)

Lighting glass. Since 2002, a part of FDV Group

Léveillé, Ernest-Baptiste
Paris, France (1885 - c 1920s)

Took over from F Eugène Rousseau, continuing his designs & introducing his own. Vases signed 'E Léveillé', or 'E Léveillé à Paris', sometimes engraved beside or over Rousseau's signature

Libbey Glass Co
Toledo, Ohio, USA (1892 to present)

Formerly New England Glass Co (est 1818). Bought out by William L Libbey in 1878, moved to Ohio 1888. Name changed to Libbey Glass Co in 1892. Edward Drummond Libbey, Joseph Locke, J D Robinson, Joseph W/Jefferson D Robinson, A Douglas Nash. Taken over by Owens-Illinois Inc (1936). Freda Diamond, Edwin W Feurst. No hand-blown glassware since 1940. Libbey Inc has also acquired Crisa (Mexico, 2006), & (as Libbey Europe) Royal Leerdam (Netherlands, 2002), Crisal (Portugal, 2005)

Libochovice Sklarny (see Liebochwitzer Glashütte)

Liebochwitzer Glashütte
Liebochwitz (Libochovice), Bohemia (early 20th Century - 1965)

Pressed functional glassware. 1 design registered in UK in 1928 as 'Liebochwitzer Glashuette CS'. Became Libochovice Sklarny after World War II, absorbed into 'Sklo Union' in 1965
(the 1925-28 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Lindshammar Glasbruk
Lindshammar, Sweden (1905 to present)

Colourful art glass


Linzi, Paolo
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Wheel-engraved glassware

Lobmeyr, J & L
Vienna, Austria (1823 to present)

Manufacturer & commissioning retailer. Josef Lobmeyr, succeeded (1855) by his two sons Josef & Ludwig. Stefan Rath founded Steinschönau (now Kamenický Šenov) factory in Bohemia in 1918. Rudolf Marschall, Urban Janke, Antoinette Krasnik, Otto Tauschek, Ludwig Jungnickel, Oswald Haerdtl, Oskar Strnad, Lotte Fink, Ena Rottenberg, Marianne Rath, Adolf Loos, Michael Powolny, Josef Hoffmann & most of Wiener Werkstätte. Jaroslav Horejc (c 1922-), Wilhelm von Eiff. Steinschönau factory nationalised by Czechoslovakian government (1945) and had no further connection with company. H H Rath (post-war)

Loetz (name anglicised from Johann Lötz-Witwe [Johann Lötz's widow] c 1900)
Klöstermühle (Klášterský Mlýn), Bohemia (1851 - 1939)

Susanna (widow of Johann) Lötz married Dr Franz Gerstner. Maximilian Von Spaun (II) (1879) & Eduard Prochaska changed from household to luxury glass production. Maximilian Von Spaun (III) (1908), Franz Hofstatter, Carl Witzmann, Arnold Nechansky, Milla Weltmann, Leopold Bauer, Robert Holubetz, Adolf Beckert (1909-11). Maria Kirschner (1903-14) designed over 200 vases. Other glass-designers & decorators include: Hilda Jesser, Josef Hoffman, Michael Powolny, Reni Schaschl, Mathilde Flogl, Vally Wieselthier, Fritzi Lowlazar, Oscar Strnad, Julius Zimpel, Eduard-Josef Wimmer, Christopher Dresser. Company went bankrupt three times; in 1908, 1931 & (finally) 1939. Commercial cameo glass signed 'Velez' & 'Lucidus', also 'Richard' (made for the Paris refiner & retailer of that name)

'Lorrain', Verreries d'Art (see Art 'Lorrain', Verreries d')

Lorraine, Verrerie d'Art de (see Burgun, Schverer & Cie)

Luce, Franco
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Handcrafted glassware & general lighting

Luce, Jean
Paris, France (1920s - 1930s)

Designer of Cubist-inspired Art Deco glassware, usually of simple shape, with enamelled, etched, engraved or sand-blasted decoration. Designed all ceramics & glassware for the passenger liners of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique. Made a Knight of the Légion d'Honneur 1937

Ludwigsthaler Krystallglasmanufaktur
Zwiesel, Germany (1826 - c 1900)

George Christoph Abele. Named after King Ludwig I of Bavaria. The name was resurrected in 2001 for the production of traditional-style glassware

Murano, Venice, Italy (c 1950s - ?)

Lighting glass. Lamps designed by Alessandro Pianon (1961-). Company bought by Aureliano Toso (c 1970)

Luminarc (see Arc International)

Lund, W
London, England (1849 - 1852)

Retailer & patentee (1849 & 1850) of double-walled silvered glass, which may have been manufactured by James Powell & Sons, along with Edward Varnish, Frederick Hale Thomson & Thomas Mellish

Lundberg Studios
Davenport, California, USA (1970 to present)

Originally founded by James Lundberg (died in 1992) & his brother Steven Lundberg. Steven left Lundberg Studios in 1997 to found the Steven Lundberg Glass Art Studio in Santa Cruz. Soon after Steven was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in 2002, he created Steven & Justin Lundberg Glass Art, in partnership with his son Justin Lundberg, with whom he worked until his death on 12th April 2008, at the age of 54. Lundberg Studios is still in production, making iridescent lamps, lamp-shades, vases, scent-bottles etc

Murano, Venice, Italy (1967 to present)

Lighting glass. Since 2002, a part of FDV Group

Maastricht, N.V. Kristalunie
Maastricht, Holland (1902 - 1978)

Pre-War: Ed Kuypers, Johannes Eisenloeffel, M de Meyer, P Zwart, Wilem Jacob Rozendaal. Post-War: Max Verboeket (1953-1960s). Merged with De Sphinx 1925, became part of United Glassworks (of Schiedam) in 1959 (along with Leerdam). Discontinued domestic glass 1978

Maffioli & C.
Murano, Venice, Italy (late 19th - early 20th C)

Stained glass workshop

Magnor Glassverk
Magnor, Norway (1896 to present)

Crystal & art glass (produced acid-etched crystal 'Romeo & Juliet' vase for Franklin Mint Ltd in 1988). Bought the old Johansfors factory in early 1990s.
Tove Ohlander (designer)

Majo, Vetreria De
Murano, Venice, Italy (1947 to present)

Guido De Majo. Initially lighting glass only, later partially converted by Lucio De Majo to art glass. Vittorio Ferro (1981-), Giuliano Rioda (1984-), Yoichi Ohira

Målerås Glassworks
Målerås, Sweden (1890 to present)

After the glassworks nearly failed in the 1980s, the engraver
Mats Jonasson & others revived its fortunes with a line of moulded crystal paperweights, often of animals

Malky & Jahncke
Deuben, Germany (1884 - c 1920s)

Pressed functional glassware

Malta Art Glass
Malta (c 1950s)

Hand-blown cased glass

Manchester Flint Glass Works
Manchester, England (1933 - ?)

Formerly Molineaux Webb Glassworks Ltd. (See Molineaux, Webb & Co)

Murano, Venice, Italy (1956 to present)

Luigi Mandruzzato, then his son Gianfranco. Currently (from 2000) owned by Alessandro, son of Gianfranco. Cut & engraved glassware
website 1 or  website 2

Manor Flint Glass Works (see Tomlinson & Co Ltd)

Marcolin Art Crystal
Salzburg, Austria (1960 to present)

Decorative crystal ornaments, animal figures etc. The brothers
Josef & Benito Marcolin, Venetian glass artists, were invited to come to Sweden by the Glimma glassworks in 1954. From 1957 to 1960 they worked at the Reijmyre glassworks, alongside Tyra Lundgren, Monika Bratt, Tom Möller & others. Josef married Inga-Lill Färe, & in 1960 they started their own glass studio, Ronneby Glassworks FM (Färe-Marcolin Konstglas). Although the company today appears to operate from Salzburg, Josef Marcolin has returned to Italy,. where he collaborates with the ColleVilca factory in Tuscany (see also Ronneby Glassworks FM)

Mariemont, Verrerie de
Mariemont, Belgium (19th Century)

H Sadin & C Sadin. Believed to have been bought out by Val St Lambert

Köpenick, Germany (1869 - 1932)

Hand-blown, later pressed glassware

Marinot, Maurice
Paris, France (1911 - 1937)

Early hand-enamelled pieces, followed by hand-blown studio glass, particularly sculptural scent-bottles

Markhbeinn, H
Paris, France (c 1920s - 1930s)

An importer & wholesaler of Czech glassware. Lighting & heating glassware, pressed functional glassware
(two catalogues, 1921 [lighting] and 1932 can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Maryland Glass Company
South Cumberland, MD, USA (1918 - 1941)

Established 1918 on the old site of the Eastern Glass Co (burned down 1913). Some glass was manufactured, though it was mainly a glass refinery, using blanks from factories such as Heisey. Also did some work for Tiffany of NY. Ceased production in 1935, but bought out by employees & carried on until 1941

Maryland Glass Corporation
Baltimore, MD, USA (early 20th Century)

Press-moulded glassware, mostly cobalt-blue, often with moulded mark of 'M' inside a circle

Maure Vieil, Les Verriers de
Mandelieu la Napoule, France (current)

Mick & Bob Le Bleïs. Hand-blown studio glass

Mayer & Co, Henry
London, England (c 1890 - 1920)

6 designs registered 1890-1920. Listed as 'Henry Mayer & Co, London. Glass & China Importers'

Mazoyer, Albert
Moulins, France (c 1910 - 1945)

Refiner of glass & porcelain

Mazzega, A.V.
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Manufacturers of light-fitting glass who introduced a range of vases in 1983

Mazzega, I.V.R. (Industrie Vetrarie Riunite Mazzega)
Murano, Venice, Italy (1938 - 1983)

Romano Mazzega opened his own glassworks (1923) and later sold it to Aureliano Toso (1937). Founded Fratelli Mazzega (1938-50) with brother Gino & sister Maria Mazzega. Company name changed 1950. Ermanno Nason (1953-64), Gianfranco Purisiol (1959-62), Pino Signoretto (1950s & early 60s, 1971-73). Designs by Hans Arp, Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Jean Cocteau, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Gio Ponti & others

Mazzucato, Arturo
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Classic Venetian chandeliers

McLachlan, John (see Cottage Glassworks, The)

Mdina Glass
Ta' Qali, Malta (1968 to present)

Michael Harris (1968-72). Vincente & Ettore Boffo (both from Whitefriars). Eric Dobson (1969-81), Joseph Said (1975-)

Meisenthal, Verrerie de (see Burgun, Schverer & Cie)

Mellish, Thomas
London, England (1849 - 1852)

Retailer & patentee (1849 & 1850) of double-walled silvered glass, which may have been manufactured by James Powell & Sons, along with Edward Varnish, Frederick Hale Thomson & W Lund

Melloni & Moretti
Murano, Venice, Italy (? - 1968)

Glass bead manufacturers, owned by Moretti family

Meltzer, Carl
Haida (Nový Bor), Bohemia (1822 - ?)

Cut stained, flashed or overlaid glassware, often to the designs of the Nový Bor glass school. Merged with Tschernich & Co in 1926 to form Meltzer Tschernich AG

Meriden Flint Glass Company
Meriden, Connecticut, USA (1876 - c 1888)

Founded by
Horace C Wilcox, after visiting several European glassworks in the early 1870s. He recruited workers from the New England Glass Company of Cambridge, MA. Designers included Thomas J Pairpoint, Henry Fillebrown, Henry Leighton, James & Thomas Niland, James D Bergen, Charles F Monroe, Thomas B Clark, Philip Handel. Mainly glass chimneys & shades for kerosene lamps, & condiment bottles, although the factory at times produced glass toilets, urinals & thermometer tubes

Meyr's Neffe (literally; Meyr's nephew)
Winterberg (Vimperk), Bohemia (1841 - 1922)

Formerly Adolfshutte glassworks (Josef & Johan Meyr). Wilhelm Ritter von Kralik (1841 - 77), Josef Taschek (1841 - 62), Karl & Hugo Kralik (Wilhelm's sons,1881 -). From 1899, Karl's sons Albert & Rudolph Kralik. Produced designs by Josef Hoffmann, Otto Prutscher for Lobmeyer & Bakalowitz in Vienna. Taken over by Ludwig Moser & Sohne 1922 and re-named Karlsbad Crystalglassworks

Mills, Walker & Co
Wordsley, Stourbridge, England (late 19th C)

Enamelled opaline (see Manley, fig. 127, vase marked 'M.W. & Co., Vitrified'), & hot-formed glassware; tableware, vases, lamps etc. 13 designs registered from 1884 to 1895 (in the last registration, they are listed as 'Mills, Walker & Co, London. Glass & china manufacturer')

Mitlehner & Co, Josef
Dessendorf, Jablonec (1879 - 1945)

Family business of glass refiners, glass-cutters. Families imprisoned after World War II & deported. Founded Hessen Glaswerke

Moda (reputedly a Daum trademark)

Molineaux, Webb & Co
Manchester, England (1864 - 1929)

Formerly Molineux & Webb. All types of fancy glassware & hotel/restaurant tableware, from pressed glass (best quality marketed as Lancastrian Crystal) to cut crystal (53 designs registered from 1864 to 1928). Last family interest ceased 1929. Renamed Molineaux Webb Glassworks 1930, then became Manchester Flint Glass Works 1933

Molineux & Co
Manchester, England (1846 - 1864)

Pressed glass. Glassworks originally founded 1827 (1 design registered 7/12/1846)

Molineux & Webb
Manchester, England (1864)

Pressed glass. Formerly Molineux & Co (1 design registered 27/8/1864)

Monart (see John Moncrieff Ltd)

Moncrieff Ltd, John
Perth, Scotland (1865 to present, 'Monart' glass 1924 - 1961)

Manufacturers of laboratory glassware. 'Monart' art glass introduced with arrival of Ysart family, Salvador Ysart (trained at Schneider in France) with sons Paul, Antoine, Augustin & Vincent. The company has changed name and ownership several times, the name Moncrieff being resurrected in 2000. They now produce industrial & lighting glass

Monot & Stumpf (see Pantin, Cristallerie de )

Mont Joye & Cie (see Legras & Cie)

Monroe Glass Co, Charles F
Meriden, Connecticut, USA (c 1880 - 1916)

Charles F Monroe, formerly of Meriden Flint Glass Company. Mainly known for decorated Opal ware, using blanks bought in from France, Mount Washington-Pairpoint & possibly other American glassworks. Decorators included Carl V Helmschmied, Walter Nilson, JJ Knoblauch, Joseph Hickish, Carl Puffee, Flora Fiest, Gustave Reinman, Florence Knoblauch, Emil Melchior, Alma Wenk, Blanche Duval, Gussie Stremlan, Elizabeth Zeibart, Elizabeth Casey, many of whom also worked for other glassworks. Early 1900s also produced fine cut glass

Moore & Co, Edward
South Shields, England (1861 - c 1890)

The Tyne Flint Glass Works.
Edward Moore. William Gillies, A Gillies (both resigned 2nd Nov 1868). Pressed glass (35 designs registered from 1861 to 1889)

Morgantown Glass Works
Morgantown, W. Va, USA (1899 - 1971)

Founded in 1899, but (after a reorganisation in 1903) operated as the 'Economic Tumbler Co', making drinking-glasses. In 1923 it became the 'Economy Glass Co', returning to the 'Morgantown Glass Works' name in 1929. Latterly the company operated as the 'Morgantown Glassware Guild'. It was bought by Fostoria Glass Co in 1965, who continued to use the 'Morgantown Guild' name until the works finally closed in 1971. In 1972 the works were sold to the 'Bailey Glass Co' of Ken Bailey with Alice Railey, manufacturing lamp globes until about 1981

Moretti, Carlo
Murano, Venice, Italy (1958 to present)

Hand-blown glass, often frosted. Carlo Moretti, Giovanni Moretti (his brother). Alessandro Lenarda, Teff Sarasin, Helge De Leo (all 1960s), Cristina Hamel & Patrizia Scarzella (1980s), Gian Paolo Canova

Moretti, Ercole, e Fratelli
Murano, Venice, Italy (1911 to present)

Fused-murrhine costume jewellery, beads, buttons & dishes

Moretti & C, Ulderico
Murano, Venice, Italy (early 20th C - )

Mainly industrial glass. Ulderico Moretti (murrhine bowls, 1930s). Founded La Murrina (1968)

Moretti, Vetrerie
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Glassware for lighting & furnishing, beads & canes

Moser Glassworks
Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary), Czechoslovakia (1857 to present)

Previously Ludwig Moser & Sohne. Ludwig Moser, initially a refiner only. Manufactured glass from 1893. Johann F Hoffman (1873), Josef Hoffman (c 1920), Wolfgang Wersin, Alexander Pfohl (1920s). Company went bankrupt 1933, but survived & was nationalised after World War II. Lubos Metelak (1962)

Mount Washington Glass Co
New Bedford, Mass., U.S.A. (1837 - c 1915)

William Libbey. Originally in South Boston, moved to New Bedford 1870. Frederick Shirley, Albert Steffin, Frank Guba, Herman Knechtel, Adolf Fredericks. Merged with Pairpoint Manufacturing Co in 1894. Continued producing glass until c 1915

Mtarfa Glass (see Valletta Glass Blowers Company)

Mühlhaus, Julius
Haida (Nový Bor), Bohemia (1867 - c 1947)

Refiner of high quality blanks. Julius (II) (1879-1907) & Erwin Mühlhaus (1879-1945) (sons of Julius). Company nationalised after World War II, but failed

Müller & Kraft
Dresden, Germany (early 20th C)

Pressed, cut, engraved, enamelled, hot-formed domestic glassware of all types
(the 1914 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Muller Frères
Lunéville, France (c 1895 - 1914, 1919 - 1936)

Désiré & Eugène Müller (trained under Emile Gallé), later joined at Gallé by brothers Henri, Pierre & Victor. Henri left to set up his own company, and was joined by his other brothers and his sister. Up to WWI, produced carved-cameo, acid-cameo, acid-etched & enamelled art glass, until closure forced by war. After 1919, production almost exclusively commercial (acid-matted mottled ceiling lights, bowls & shades) with a range of acid-cameo vases. Production ceased 1933, and company finally closed down 1936

Mulvaney & Co, Charles
Dublin, Eire (1785 - 1846)

Dublin's principal glasshouse. Some moulded items marked 'C M & Co'

Murano Collezioni
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

A gallery on the island of Murano, collectively run by Barovier & Toso, Venini & C, & Carlo Moretti

Murano Due
Murano, Venice, Italy (1982 to present)

Lighting glass. Since 2002, a part of FDV Group

Murrina, La
Murano, Venice, Italy (1950s to present)

Founded by Ulderico Moretti in the works formerly used by Melloni & Moretti. Gianmaria Potenza. Pietro Pelzel, Lino Tagliapietra, Alessandro Lenarda, Bruno Teardo, Sofia Kaniak. Specialists in multicoloured murrhine pieces

Musiva Veneziana, Società
Murano, Venice, Italy (1876 - early 20th C)

Lorenzo Radi

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