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current British glassworkers

Much of the information on the following pages was kindly provided by the Crafts Council (whose address is listed under "associations & organisations" in links & useful addresses). Apart from manufacturers of furnace- & kiln-formed art glass, the list also includes lamp-workers, stained-glass artists, and others whose work includes the use of glass in any form.

Descriptions of products are mostly summaries of information provided by the artists themselves in response to a questionnaire from the Crafts Council, so don't blame us if the language sounds a little flowery! Statements in inverted commas are direct quotes.

For some glassworks we have only partial addresses, or no address at all, and we are sure there are still others that have been totally omitted, for which we apologise.

If anyone is able to provide any further information (however little), please e-mail it to us, and we will include it. If you work with glass, click here