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glassware manufacturers: S

Sabino Crystal Company
Paris, France (1919 to prtesent)

Originally Verrerie d'Art Sabino. Marius Ernest Sabino. Clear, coloured, frosted, stained, enamelled & (best-known) opalescent glass. Entire operation (including moulds) eventually sold to Sabino Crystal Co (Houston, Texas, USA) in 1978, manufacturing continuing in France

Sachsenglas, VEB (Saxony Glass)
Ottendorf, (formerly East) Germany (1946 - 1990s)

Formerly August Walther & Söhne. Pressed functional & decorative glassware
(various catalogues, from 1954 to 1965, can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Saint Denis (see St Denis)

Saint Louis (see St Louis)

S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso (see Ferro Toso, S.A.I.A.R.)

S.A.L.I.R. (Studio Ars et Labor Industrie Riunite)
Murano, Venice, Italy (1923 to present)

Engraving, enamelling & sand-blasting. Blanks initially from S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso (1923-36). Decio Toso, Giuseppe d'Alpaos, Guglielmo Barbini, Gino Francesconi. Dino Martens (1925). Guido Balsamo Stella (1927-30), Franz Pelzel (1927-68), Vittorio Zecchin (1935), Romeo Ongaro, Gino Francesconi, Giorgio Zecchin (1938-43), Piero Fornasetti (1940), Tono Zancanaro (1954), Agostino Venturini. Designers include: Vittorio Zecchin, Gio Ponti, Riccardo Liccata, Serena Dal Maschio, Vinicio Vianello (1950s), Carlo Scarpa, Flavio Poli, Pietro Pelzel (1930s-1954), Romualdo Scarpa (1962), Renato Guttuso (1986)

Salvadori, Giuseppe
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Gilded & enamelled glassware

Salviati & C.
Murano, Venice, Italy (1859 to present)

Traded under many different names (all including 'Salviati'), until current name adopted (1920). Dr Antonio Salviati, Giuseppe Barovier, Lorenzo Radi, Andrea Boldini (all 19th C), Luciano Gaspari (1920s), Corrado "Dino" Martens & Mario Da Luigi (1930s), Luciano Gaspari (1950s/60s), Romano Chirivi, Renzo Camerino & Sergio Asti (1960s), Renzo Tedeschi, Livio Seguso. Claire Falkenstein (1970s/80s), Heinz Oestergaard (mid 1980s), Berit Johansson (1990). Company sold in 1987, but still in production. French-owned since 1995

Salviati, Jesurum & C.
London, England (1897 - 1907)

A co-operative venture to represent the Murano companies of Salviati & C., Jesurum & C., Venice Art Co, and Pagliarin & Franco

Salzburger Kristallglas
Alpensiedlung, Salzburg, Austria (20th Century)

Known to be no longer in business

Santi, Cristalleria
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Glass tableware & ornaments

Santini, Emilio
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Lamp-worked blown glassware

Sasaki Glass (see Toyo Sasaki Glass)

Saunders & Shepherd
London, England (c 1885 - 1908)

36 designs registered, 1885-1908, for scent-bottle bodies & stoppers, & glass novelties of various sorts. Listed as 'Saunders & Shepherd, London. Manufacturing Goldsmiths & Jewellers'

S.A.V.A.M. (Società Anonima Vetri Artistici Murano)
Murano, Venice, Italy (1925 - 1937)

Became V.A.M.S.A. in 1937

Saxony Glass (see Sachsenglas, VEB)

Scailmont, Verrerie de
Manage, Belgium (active 1920s - 30s)

Enamelled and gilded hand-blown & frosted mould-blown Art Deco ware

Scalabrin & Daltin
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Classic-style gilded & enamelled glassware

Schander Co, Crystal
Oberhöchstadt, Germany (1947 - 1987)

Kamill (Camillo) Schander & his brother Franz Schander. Deported from Jablonec after World War II. Cut decanters, vases, scent-bottles, ashtrays, table lighters, & commemorative glassware. Trade name 'CRYSCO'

Schappel, Karl
Haida (Nový Bor), Bohemia (early 20th Century )

Refiner, producing cut overlaid glassware in the Art Deco style

Schindler & Co
London, England (1890 - 1913)

Possibly the London office of a Bohemian manufacturer. Registered 61 designs between 1890 & 1913. Company listed as 'manufacturers' on all but one occasion, when they were listed as 'importers'

Schlevogt, Kurt
Gablonz (Jablonec), Bohemia (1920s - 1945)

Curt Schlevogt, Henry Günther Schlevogt (his son). High-quality pressed Lapis (blue) & Jade (green) malachite-type glass, especially the 'Ingrid' series, launched in 1934. Company nationalised in 1945

Schneckendorf, Josef Emil
Munich, Germany (b 1865, d 1949)

Artist & sculptor, who also designed glassware & jewellery, from around 1898 into the early 1900s

Schneider, Cristallerie
Epinay-sur-Seine, France (1908 - 1981)

Charles Schneider (studied under Gallé & Daum) & his brother Ernest. Originally commercial glass, changing to decorative glassware in 1920s. Pieces signed "Schneider", "Le Verre Français" or (rare) "Charder". Coloured glass discontinued early 1930s. Robert Schneider (Charles' son) (1948-). Factory moved to Lorris (Loiret) 1962

Schönborn, VEB Glaswerk
Schönborn, (formerly East) Germany (post-War)

Originally (1899) Johannahütte. Initially industrial glassware, now (Post-War) cut lead crystal functional glassware
(the 1954 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Schott & Genossen
Jena, Germany (c 1885 to present)

Optical, laboratory & domestic glass. 1918 began production of heat-resistant 'Jenaer Glas' (Jena Glass) Otto Schott. Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Heinz Loffelhardt (1940s/50s). Now trades as 'Schott Zwiesel', a part of 'Zwiesel Kristallglas' since 2001

SEA Glasbruk
Småland, Sweden (1956 to present)

Björn Ramél, Rune Strand, Renate Stock Paulsson, Olle Brozén, Jon Eliason, Lena Engman, Liselotte Henriksen, Eva-Lena Martinsson. Decorative glassware. Part of Orrefors Kosta Boda, owned by New Wave Group

Seago, Johnson & Co
Birmingham (1870s)

Thomas Seago, Benjamin John Johnson, glass cutters and engravers. First at 49 Friston Street, later at 23 George Street Parade. Registered 6 designs in1874 and 1875, with a further 4 designs as Seago & Co in 1876 and 1877

Seguso Arte Vetro
Murano, Venice, Italy (1969 - ?)

Livio Seguso (trained under Alfredo Barbini 1944-59, then Maestro at Salviati 1960s)

Seguso Dalla Venezia
Murano, Venice, Italy (c 1950s - ?)

Ezio Rizzetto, Agostino Venturini

Seguso, Gianni
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Gianni Seguso

Seguso, Vetreria Archimede
Murano, Venice, Italy (1946 to present)

Archimede Seguso, Riccardo Liccata (1952), Gino Seguso (1959-), Giampaolo Seguso (1964-92), Angelo Seguso (1988-), Antonio Seguso (c 1985-)

Seguso Vetri d'Arte
Murano, Venice, Italy (1933 - 1992)

Originally Barovier, Seguso & Ferro. Name changed 1937. Napoleone Barovier, Antonio & his sons Ernesto/Alberto/Archimede Seguso, Luigi Olimpio Ferro (1933-37), Vittorio Zecchin (1933-34), Flavio Poli (1934-63), Alfredo Barbini (c 1936), Mario Pinzoni (1954-71), Angelo Seguso (1950s-85), Bruno Seguso, Vittorio Rigattieri (1968-73), Pino Signoretto (1973-76). Traded as S.A.M. (Sculpture Artistiche Muranesi) 1973-76. Taken over by Gino Cenedese 1993, and production discontinued. Re-established in 1996 as a separate company, but with the glassware (now mainly lighting) actually manufactured by Formia S.r.l.

Seguso Viro S.r.l.
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

The Seguso family have been making glass since 1397, when Angelo Seguso first started. He passed on his knowledge to his son, Francesco, and the tradition has continued to the present day. This company consists of Giampaolo & his sons Gianluca, Pierpaolo & Gian Andrea

Seguso, Zanetti & C.
Murano, Venice, Italy (late 19th - early 20th C)

Vittorio Zanetti, Liberale & Giovanni "Nane Patare" Seguso

Selinger & Emanuel
London, England (late 19th Century)

1 design registered 1884. Listed as 'Selinger & Emanuel, London. Merchants'. 'Emanuel' is probably Max Emanuel (see separate listing)

Sent, Guglielmo
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Enamelled glass

Serenella Industria Vetraria
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Table lamps & general lighting

Serenissima, La
Murano, Venice, Italy (1984 to present)

Hand-made chandeliers, table, ceiling & floor lamps, other decorative lighting in traditional Venetian style

Sèvres, Cristallerie de
Sèvres, France (1870 - 1885)

Originally Verrerie de Sèvres (founded mid-18th Century). Purchased by Landier & renamed

Sèvres et Clichy Réunis, Cristalleries de
Sèvres, France (1885 to present)

Amalgamation of Cristallerie de Sèvres & Verrerie de Maës et Clemandot à Clichy. Landier, Houdaille. Henri Cros & Albert Louis Dammouse (1890s) pâte-de-verre

Shepherd & Webb
Stourbridge, England (1883 - 1840)

The White House Glass Works. John Shepherd, John Webb (father of Thomas). Thomas Webb (from the death of his father in 1835) bought out John Shepherd 1836, but continued to use his name

Sherwood, George
St Helens, England (c 1850)

The Eccleston Flint Glass Works. Pressed drinking-glasses (4 designs registered in 1850)

Signoretto, Pino
Murano, Venice, Italy (1978 to present)

Pino Signoretto (b. 1944) (from Seguso Vetri d'Arte). Sculptural glassware, both serious & humorous

S.I.V. (Società Italiana Vetro)
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Sklárny Bohemia (see Bohemia Glassworks National Corporation)

Sklárna Novosad & Syn Harrachov (see Harrach)

Škrdlovice Glassworks (Škrdlovicka Sklárská Hut) (see Beránek)

Skruv, Sweden (1897 to present)

Bankrupt 1908. Art glass from 1909. Bengt Edenfalk (1953-78). Bought by Kosta Boda 1977

Slack & Co
Orange, NJ, USA (1860 - 1898)

Stephen Slack (b. England 1837, d. Orange 1908).Joseph Waterhouse (1860-1865), Charles Booth (1870-1875), Isaac Baldwin (1880s). Stained Glass manufacture & design. Merit award for works exhibited at US Centennial International Exhibition in Philadelphia (1876). Many installations still extant throughout the US

Southwark Glass Works
London, England (1920 - 1928)

Formerly the Abbot Bottle Works. Reginald G Kempton with his father Richard (both from Albert Glass Works) & A H Williams. Moved to Broxbourne, Herts in 1928 & became Nazeing Glass Works Ltd

Sowerby & Co
Gateshead-on-Tyne, England (1872 - 1883)

The Ellison Glass Works. Pressed glass (96 designs registered from 1872 to 1883)

Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works Ltd
Gateshead-on-Tyne, England (1883 - 1956)

Formerly Sowerby & Co. Pressed glass (83 designs registered from 1884 to 1936). Taken over by Suntex Safety Glass 1956

St Denis et Pantin (Verrerie et Cristallerie de St Denis et Pantin Réunies)
St Denis, Paris, France (1919 - c 1939)

Legras & Cie merged with Cristallerie de Pantin (then trading as Stumpf, Touvier, Viollet & Cie). H P Berlage (1900), Camille Tutré de Varreux (1910). Marks include 'Legras', 'Pantin', & 'de Vez'

St Louis (Compagnie des Cristalleries de St Louis)
St Louis-les-Bitche, Münzthal (now D'Argental), France (1767 to present)

Founded on the site of a glassworks that had existed since 1586, and originally given the name Verrerie Royale de St Louis by decree of Louis XV. Aimé-Gabriel d'Artigues (1791-1795), Maurice Dufrène, Marcel Goupy (both 1920s). Jean Sala (c 1930-c1950, directed the company during World War II). Some wares signed 'St-Louis-Münzthal', & 'd'Argental'. Post-war: Nicolas Haesen (cutter) (1950s), André Bourlard (1955-81) (both formerly of Val St-Lambert). Company bought out by Hermès of Paris in 1989
Hermès website

Steinschönau, Staatsfachschule (see Kamenický Šenov Glass School)

Stembridge & Co, J
London, England (late 19th Century)

5 designs registered 1888-1889. Listed as 'J Stembridge & Co, Holborn, London. Importer'

Corning, N.Y., USA (1903 to present)

Set up by Frederick Carder, who managed (1903-32), then was 'kicked upstairs' as Art Director (1932-63), a position he held until he died. Thomas G Hawkes, Mr & Mrs Willard Reed. Bought by Corning (1918). John Monteith Gates (1933-70), Sidney B Waugh (1935), George Thompson, Lloyd Atkins (1948-?), Donald Pollard (1950-), James Houston (1962-), Paul Schulze (1970-), Don Weir. Thomas S Buechner (1973)

Stevens & Williams
Brierley Hill, Stourbridge, England (1847 - 1931)

Formerly (18th Century) the Moor Lane Glass House at Briar Lea Hill. Leased early 19th Century by Joseph Silvers, whose daughters married William Stevens & Samuel Cox Williams, at which time the name was changed. Frederick Carder (1880-1903), John Northwood (1882), John Northwood II, William Northwood, Joshua Hodgetts, Frank Schreiber, Benjamin Fenn, James Hill, W O Bowen, Percival Cartwright. 20th Century: Keith Murray (1932-39), J W Wadsworth (mid 1930s), Clyne Farquharson. (38 designs registered from 1884 to 1928). Company granted the Royal warrant by King George V in 1931, & name changed to Royal Brierley Crystal

Stölzle-Oberglas GmbH (formerly: Stölzle Glasindustrie)
Köflach, Austria (1805 to present)

Initially, the Oberdorf glassworks in Bärnbach, founded by Karl Smola.1835 Carl Stölzle founds two glassworks in Waldviertel region, and the glassworks merge in 1848. Industrial, household & decorative glassware. By 1867, the company consisted of seven glassworks in Austria, Bohemia & Hungary, the Köflach works being founded in 1871 (1 design registered in UK in 1889, listed as 'C Stolzles Sohne, Vienna. Manufacturer'). Stölzle has absorbed various glassworks, including the Hermanova Hut (Czech Republic, 1992), the Knottingley Glassworks (England, 1994), the Czestochowa Glassworks (Poland, 2001)
(the 1878 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Stourbridge Glass Co
Audnam, Stourbridge, England (1922 - 1994)

Originally at the Stour glassworks (built 1921). W H Aston, A Horton, W A Price, H Wilkinson, with about 70 ex-workers from Thos. Webb & Sons, Stevens & Williams (Royal Brierley), Stuart & Sons, Webb Corbett. Tradename 'Tudor' registered in 1927. J Harry Cunneen, John ('Jack') Lloyd (4 designs registered from 1923 to 1931). Company name changed to 'Tudor Crystal' 1972. Late 1980s purchased by Eric Batty of Elite Tiles, & factory sold to make way for housing, but the Tudor name continued through another Thos Webb group. 1991 a group of skilled glassworkers formed Dennis Hall Crystal, supplying Tudor until they bought the company name in 1995, keeping the Tudor tradition alive. In 2000 ownership passed to Plowden & Thompson Ltd, & all manufacturing transferred to the Dial glassworks (built 1788, situated close to the original Tudor works)

Crieff, Scotland (1965 - 1980)

Vasart taken over by Teachers & renamed. Vincent Ysart & Stuart Drysdale (until 1968). John Deacons (1967)

Streit, Gebrüder Von (Von Streit Brothers)
Hosena-Hohenbocka (early 20th C)

Pressed functional glassware
(several catalogues, from 1913 to 1934, can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Småland, Sweden (1933 - 1979)

Formerly the Lindefors glassworks (founded 1876). Edvard/Gerda Strömberg (1933-55), H J Dunne-Cooke (1930s), Asta Strömberg (1930s-1976), Gunnar Nylund (1952-75), Rune Strand (1960s), Anders Solfors & Lars Wigell (1970s). Factory destroyed by fire in 1973, company taken over by Orrefors 1976, closed 1979

Stronie Glassworks (Huta Szkla Krystalowego w. Stroniu Slaskim)
Stronie, Poland (known to be active 1960s)

L Gajos

STS Abel (Sjedinjene Tvornice Stakla Abel)
Zagreb, Croatia (1921 - 1941)

United glassworks of Hrastnik (est. 1860 - formerly Jurklošter, est. 1790), Rogatec, Rogaška Slatina (est. 1665) & Daruvar. Functional pressed, hand-blown, cut, engraved & acid-etched glassware
(the 1936 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Stuart & Mills
Stourbridge, England (c 1870s)

Hand-blown glass (1 design registered 22/3/1871)

Stuart & Sons
Wordsley, Stourbridge, England (1881 - 2001)

Frederick Stuart. Ludwig Kny (1920s/30s), Paul Nash, Graham Sutherland, Eric Ravilious, H R Pierce (c 1939), G John Luxton (1948). Bought out by Waterford Wedgwood. Name changed to Stuart Crystal, closed down November 2001 (40 designs registered from 1886 to 1939)

Stuart Strathearn
Acid-etched mark seen on vases, presumably the Strathearn works and/or craftsmen absorbed into Stuart & Sons c 1975

Stumpf, Touvier, Viollet & Cie (see Pantin, Cristallerie de)

Super Glass Co
Brooklyn, NY, USA (1950s? - 2000)

Bernie Friedman. Enamelled, hand-blown lamp-bases & vases. Bought the old Cambridge Glass, Ohio, glassworks in about 1960, when they needed space to expand, & operated there until about 1963 or 1964, when a number of wildcat strikes forced them to return to their Brooklyn works

Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Classic Murano chandeliers made to design

Swarovski glassworks
Wattens, Austria (1895 to present)

Daniel Swarovski I, born in Bohemia. Served 2-year apprenticeship as a glass-cutter in his father's factory. 1892 invented a revolutionary crystal-cutting machine. Cut crystal ornaments & paperweights

Swinton Glass Works
Rotherham, England (1852 - ?)

Ben Rylands, J Tillotson & J Wilkinson (all from the Don Glass Works). Flint glass manufacturers, including production of 'marbles'. Became known as the South Yorkshire Glass Company, then Dale Brown (1933), then Canning Town Glass (1962). Became part of the United Glass Company, under which name it was later known. Now believed to be out of business

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