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  • before 1900: hand-blown items, mostly (but not exclusively) 19th Century British and Bohemian. This window will include late 18th & early 19th Century English tableware, the occasional mid 19th Century paperweight, and products of such manufacturers as Thomas Webb & Sons, James Powell & Sons, Moser and early Loetz.

  • pre-War: more hand-blown glass, mostly of European origin, from 1900 up to and including World War II (including Art Nouveau and all Art Deco items). This is where to look for items from Monart, Schneider, Legras, Loetz, Gray-Stan, Powell etc.

  • post-War: hand-blown glass from the end of World War II right up to today, including 1950s & 60s Murano, Whitefriars, Stuart & Sons, Scottish glass from Vasart, Strathearn etc., and some more modern art glass.

  • pressed glass: pressed glass only, ranging from mid-to-late 19th Century English items (from Sowerby, Greener & Co, George Davidson and others), up to Czechoslovakian Art Deco and Lalique.

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