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glassware manufacturers: C to D

Caithness Glass (see current British glassworkers: C to F)

Candiani, Napoleone
Murano, Venice, Italy (1875 - early 20th C)

Cape Cod Glass Co
Sandwich, Mass., USA (1858 - 1869)

Deming Jarves. Pressed & hand-blown coloured glass, including Peachblow

Cappellin, M.V.M. (Maestri Vetrai Muranese Cappellin)
Murano, Venice, Italy (1925 - 1931)

Giacomo Cappellin split from Paolo Venini to form his own glassworks. Rafaello Levi, Vittorio Zecchin (1925-26), Giovanni ('Nane') "Patare" Seguso , Enrico Galvani, Carlo Scarpa (1930), Erwin Burger (1930), Gino Cenedese

Cappellin, Venini & C (Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Cappellin, Venini & C)
Murano, Venice, Italy (1921 - 1925)

Giacomo Cappellin & Paolo Venini purchased the glassworks of Andrea Rioda, who they had hoped would be technical director, but he died shortly after the takeover. Giovanni ('Nane') "Patare" Seguso, Vittorio Zecchin, Carlo Scarpa (see also above, & under Venini & C.)

Carlshütte Glasfabrik
Bohemia (early 20th Century)

4 designs registered in UK in 1927-1931. Listed as 'Boehmische Glasfabrik Carlshuette'

Catcliffe Glass Works
Rotherham, England (1740 – 1884)

Built 1740 by
William Fenney. Works taken over 1759 by John May. In 1822, Joseph & Thomas May are listed in Baines Directory as Glass Manufacturers. From 1833 it was owned by Thomas Blunn, a glassblower, & Henry Booth, an iron & steel magnate. In 1856 the works were run by Samuel Blunn, & it operated as Blunn Brothers until it closed in 1884. Briefly revived in 1901 by C Wilcocks and Co until they went bankrupt

Cavagnis, Umberto
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Modern lighting, latticino vases, ornaments & giftware

Cenedese & Figlio, Gino
Murano, Venice, Italy (1946 to present)

Originally Gino Cenedese S.r.l. (1946), then Gino Cenedese & C (1947-50), Gino Cenedese (1950-68), Vetreria Artistica Cenedese (1968-73). Bought out Seguso Vetri d'Arte (1992). Gino Cenedese, Gino Fort, Angelo Tosi, Alfredo Barbini (1947-50), Fulvio Bianconi (1954-62), Riccardo Licata (1952), Napoleone Martinuzzi (1953-58), Luigi Scarpa Croce (1950s), Nini (Antonio) Da Ros (1958-1970s), Ermanno Nason (1964-72)

Cenedese Giovanni, Vetreria
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Tableware & ornaments

Centro Studio Pittori Arte del Vetro (see Fucina degli Angeli, La )

Century Glass Works
London, England (1941 - late 1960s)

Pressed glass tableware

Chance Bros & Co
Smethwick, Birmingham, England (1832 - 1981)

Formerly The British Crown Glass Co, Spon Lane Glassworks. Purchased by Robert Lucas Chance (from Nailsea Glasshouse) in 1824, and the company name was taken when he was joined in 1832 by his brother, William Chance. Georges Bontemps (1848-84). Sheet, optical, scientific, lighting & stained glass (32 designs registered from 1842 to 1934). 'Orlak' oven-to-table glass range (1929-33) purchased by Joblings. Half stake in the company bought by Pilkington Brothers Ltd 1945, who completed the buy-out in 1951. Introduced 'Fiesta' transfer-printed tableware & handkerchief-vases during 1950s-60s

Child, WJ Ltd
London, England (1919 - ?)

CJ Hulme, LG Turner. The Eton Glassworks, Grange Road, Leyton E10. Pressed tableware, bottles, condiment sets, inkwells, lighting glass, novelties etc. Became a Limited Company in 1935

U.S.A. & England (c 1900 - 1955)

Not actually a company, but a range of pressed glass, Manufactured in USA (see under Krys-Tol for details). Imported by National Glass Co, London. Manufactured in UK under licence by Davidsons from 1930, moulds bought by them in 1933.

Choisy-le-Roi (Cristalleries et Verreries de Choisy-le-Roi Réunies)
Paris, France (20th Century)

Known to be active 1950s

Choisy-le-Roi, Verrerie de
Paris, France (1821 - 1851)

M Grimbolt. Georges Bontemps (1823-48)

Christophle & Cie, Charles
St Denis, Paris, France (1842 to present)

Manufacturer of high-quality silver & nickel-silver flatware & other tableware, they now also produce both porcelain & lead crystal tableware. Customers have included various European royals, Maharajahs, the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Orient Express, ocean liners & major restaurants. Designers have included
Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Gio Ponti, Lino Sabattini, Christian Fjerdingstad, as well as present-day designers Martin Szekely, Christian Biecher & Andrée Putman

Christy, J F
Lambeth, London, England (early 19th C - 1851)

Manufacturers of enamelled & transfer-printed glassware (given an award 1849 by the Society of Arts). Produced several pieces for Henry Cole's company 'Felix Summerly's Art Manufactures', notably the water-plants design by the painter Richard Redgrave

City Glass Bottle Co
London, England (1898 - 1952)

IH Palmer, LE Norton. Bottles, carafes, decanters, food-jars. Amalgamated with the Key Glass Works in 1952

Clarke, Samuel
London, England (c 1885 - c 1930)

Manufacturer of pressed "Fairy" & "Crick-lite" night-lights (19 designs registered from 1887 to 1906)

Clichy, Verrerie de
Clichy-la-Garenne, France (1837 - 1885)

M Rouyer & G Maës. Paperweights (1846-57). M Clemendot (1884). Became Verrerie de Maës et Clemendot à Clichy. Bought by Landier family & merged with Cristallerie de Sèvres 1885

Cole, Henry
London, England (mid 19th C)

Owner of "Felix Summerly's Art Manufactures". Designed, principally with the painter Richard Redgrave, decorated glassware, manufactured for him by J F Christy & the Richardsons glassworks

ColleVilca Cristalleria
Colle di Val d'Elsa, Italy (1962 to present)

Established by
Franco & Mario Brogi in the failed Salc glassworks. Crystal glassware, both decorative & functional. Now run by Giampiero Brogi. Designers include: Gio Ponti, David Palterer, Ambrogio Pozzi, Shiro Kuramata, Le Corbusier, C R Mackintosh, Josef Marcolin

Conterie, Società Veneziana (see following)

Conterie e Cristallerie, Società Anonima di
Murano, Venice, Italy (1848 to present)

Originally Società per l'Industrie delle Conterie, then Società Veneziana per l'Industrie delle Conterie, before taking present name. Set up as a trust by the 12 main Venetian companies to compete with French & Bohemian glassmakers, eventually manufacturing in its own right. Flavio Poli (1965). Now mainly conterie (glass beads)

Copillet et Cie, H A
Noyon, Oise, France (1903 - 1918)

Amédée de Caranza (1903-06), Jeanne Duc, Édouard de Neuville. Company went bankrupt in 1906, but was taken over from the receiver by Messrs L'Homme & Lefèvre, who continued production until the factory was destroyed toward the end of WWI

Corning Glass Works
Corning, N.Y., USA (1851 to present)

Began as a glassworks in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Amory Houghton. Bought out Brooklyn Flint Glass Co (1864). Moved to Corning, New York & became Corning Flint Glass Co (1868). Took present name 1875. Industrial, technical & domestic glassware. Developed Pyrex 1912. Acquired Steuben Glassworks (1918)

Costantini, Vittorio
Murano, Venice, Italy (c 1950s to present)

Lamp-worked animals, insects & flowers

Costantini e C., Francesco (Società Operaja Muranese Francesco Costantini e C.)
Murano, Venice, Italy (late 19th - early 20th C)

Retailer handling the glass of the Pagliarin & Franco glassworks

Cottage Glassworks, The
London, England (c 1845 - 1900)

John McLachlan (1808-1877). 'Flint & Opal glass bottle-makers' (especially scent-bottles) of 'William Street, High Street, Lambeth' (1 design registered 10th April 1855)

Cottle, J C
London, England (1920s - 1937)

Joseph Kilvert Clifton Cottle of Napier Avenue, Fulham, later moved to Upper Richmond Road, East Sheen (died 20th April 1937). Importer of (probably mostly Czech) glassware (46 designs registered from 1st February 1927 to 17th April 1936)

Couper & Sons, James
Glasgow, Scotland (c 1850 - c 1905)

The City Glass Works (from 1911). Manufacturers of Clutha glass 1890s. Christopher Dresser, George Walton (4 designs registered from 1857 to 1869)

Monterrey, Mexico (1936 to present)

Domestic glassware. Established 1936 as part of Monterrey Vidriera. Acquired Cristales Mexicanos S.A in 1956. Wholly owned by Libbey Inc, who acquired 49% of Crisa in 1998, & the remaining 51% in 2006


Marinha Grande, Portugal (establishment date unknown)

Domestic glassware. Acquired by Libbey Europe in 2005


Cristal d'Arques (see Arc International)

Crystal Bohemia (see Bohemia Glassworks National Corporation)

Crystalex (see Borské Sklo)

Crystal Glass Co, The (see Bagley & Co)

New Martinsville, W.Va., USA (1987 - 1998)

Formerly Viking Glass Co. Kenneth Dalzell

Dartington Glass/Crystal (see current British glassmakers: C to F )

Daum, La Cristallerie
Nancy, France (1885 to present)

Formerly the Verrerie de Sainte Catherine, purchased 1878 by Jean Daum. On his death, run by his sons Auguste & Antonin as Daum Frères. Went public in 1962 under its present name. Victor Marchand, Racadot/Severe Winckler, Jacques Gruber, Dufour, Henri Berge, Almaric Walter, Eugène Gall. Salvador Dali (1972)

Davey & Moore
Brimsdown, Middlesex, England (1805 - 1980)

Lighting & industrial glassware; laboratory & medical glassware, trade name 'Davisil'. Absorbed by United Glass Containers sometime in the early 1970s. Works closed 1980

Davidson & Co, George
Gateshead-on-Tyne, England (1867 - 1987)

Teams Flint Glass Works. Pressed glass (71 designs registered from 1877 to 1939). Taken over by Abrahams & Co in 1966, and continued production under that name, using old moulds to produce "Brama" glass. Works finally closed 1987

Davies, A & J
Stourbridge, England (c 1920 - 1930s)

Cut glass

Davis-Lynch Glass Co
Star City, W Va, USA (1943 to present)

R Emmett Lynch & a Mr Davis. Lighting glassware. Since 1967 entirely owned by the Lynch family

Dearne & Dove Glassworks
Wombwell, Barnsley, England (mid 19th C - 1927)

Flint Glass Works. Leased by Ben Rylands of the Hope Glass Works in 1872, & continuing to produce for them until the company went into receivership in 1927

Decorative Glass Company, The
Stourbridge, England (c 1920 - 1930s)

A H Guest. Transfer-prints and/or enamelled designs sealed between two layers of glass

Decorazione Artigiana Vetro
Murano, Venice, Italy (current)

Renzo Buccella. Polished & engraved vases, ashtrays, ornaments

Décorchement, François Émile
Conches, Eure, France (1902 - c 1960)

Painter/potter who started his own glassworks where he made pâte-de-verre bowls/vases/statuettes

Degué, Verrerie d'Art
Paris, France (1926 - 1939)

David Guéron. Mostly imitated the glass of many other companies, particularly Schneider (from whom he poached several workers), which resulted in a crippling lawsuit. Édouard Cazaux designed some original pieces, and Guéron designed some vases (all signed 'Degué')

Delatte, André
Jarville, Nancy, France (1921 - c 1930)

Coloured, enamelled, sand-blasted, acid-etched & acid-cameo glass. Signatures 'A. Delatte Nancy' and 'Jarvil'

Paris, France (1920s - 30s)

Luxury retail shop that had its own glass-decoration workshop during the 1920s-30s. Usually signed "Delvaux, 18 Rue Royale, Paris" in enamel on base. Jean Sala, G Neilz

Dema Glass
Chesterfield, England (1923 - 2001)

At one time the largest manufacturer of domestic glassware in Britain. Also stemware for the Hotel & Pub trade, scientific glassware, pharmaceutical tubing, fluorescent lamps & light bulbs

Derbyshire & Brother, James
Hulme, Manchester, England (1864 - 1869)

The Bridgewater & British Union Flint Glass Works. Pressed glass (13 designs registered from 1864 to 1869)

Derbyshire & Sons, James
Hulme, Manchester, England (1876 - ?)

Pressed glass (1 design registered 28/11/1876). Split from J J & T Derbyshire

Derbyshire, John
Salford, Manchester, England (1873 - 1877)

The Regent Road Flint Glass Works. Pressed glass (13 designs registered from 1873 to 1876). Split from J J & T Derbyshire

Derbyshire, J J & T
Hulme, Manchester, England (1870 - 1876)

The Bridgewater & British Union Flint Glass Works. Pressed glass (7 designs registered from 1870 to 1872). Formerly James Derbyshire & Brother

Desná Glass (see Jablonex Group)

Despret, Georges
Jeumont, Nord, France (c 1885 - 1937)

Originally produced overlay vases with trapped air bubbles, but specialised in pâte-de-verre from 1890, mainly figurines & animals. Factory destroyed during WWI, but rebuilt 1920. All pieces engraved 'Despret'

Toledo, Ohio, USA (early 20th Century)

Art Deco scent-bottles, atomisers, dressing-table sets, designed by Villamot

D'Humy, Paul Raoul De Faucheux
London, England (1870s - 1880s)

Traded as Aurora Glass Company and Vasa Murrhina Glass Company, employing Venetian glassworkers to make Venetian-style glassware, including goblets decorated with gold, silver & platinum-leaf (a collection of which he donated to the British Museum). Three glass-making & -decorating patents applied for between 1876 & 1888

Don Glass Bottle Works
Mexborough, Barnsley, England ( 1850 - ?)

Formerly the Mexborough Flint Glass Works. Name changed in 1850

Donà Murano, Mosaici (di Donà Stefano)
Murano, Venice, Italy (1926 to present)

Glass mosaic pieces & Roman-style mosaic panels. Family business, founded by Beniamino Donà (1926). Ugo Donà (his son) founded his own company in 1950 with his sons, Fernando & Francesco, which became 'Ugo Donà e Figli' in 1978. Company ceased trading in 1990, & Francesco founds 'Vetreria Francesco Donà' & passes on his skills to his son Stefano

Dorflinger & Sons, C
White Mills, Pennsylvania, USA (1852 - 1921)

Christian Dorflinger. High quality cut lead crystal, including commissions by the White House
Dorflinger Glass Museum website

Drahonovský, Professor Josef
Prague (Praha), Czech Republic (b 1877, d 1938)

Ground-breaking teacher, sculptor, master glass-cutter. At age 13, was accepted by the Industrial Art School in Turnov, where he learned how to cut precious & semi-precious stones. Later accepted by the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, where he went on to become Director of the Special Sculptural Department. Many of his students went on to become professors at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague & the Kamenický Šenov & Železný Brod Glass Schools

Dressler, Eduard
Schreibendorf, Germany (1868 - early 20th C)

Also Josefstal, Czechoslovakia. Manufacturer of pressed & hand-blown glassware, & refiner of blanks produced by the Josephinenhütte & other glassworks
(the 1931 catalogue can be seen at www.glas-musterbuch.de)

Durand Art Glass Co (see Vineland Flint Glass Co)

Durand, J G
France (20th Century)

Mainly lead crystal tableware, some giftware

Soignies, Belgium (1928 to present)

Originally the 'Compagnie Internationale de Gobeleterie Inébréchable'. Changed to present name in 1935. Manufacturers of stemware

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