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glass notes

This section comprises various lists & tables of information which we hope may be of use to both glass collectors & dealers:

  • glass FAQs: some hints, tips & answers to FAQs, mainly for the beginner collector

  • a brief history of glass: and brief it is! A quick reference-table of major developments in glassmaking since its first discovery

  • some books on glass: a catalogue of books about glass (from our own library), with a mini-review of each one, whether for specialist or beginner

  • a glossary of terms: a glossary of glassmaking terms, for quick reference, in case you come across a word you are not familiar with in one of our descriptions

  • cleaning & restoring glass: some tips on how to restore your pieces to their original glory

  • Orrefors & Kosta numbering: some identification notes to help make sense of some of the engraved marks of these Swedish glassworks

  • links & useful addresses: anything and everything to do with glass

  • glassware manufacturers: a list of major manufacturers, refiners, importers and retailers of glass, from all over the world, past & present

  • current British glassworkers: a list of glassmakers and glass refiners in the United Kingdom & Eire, with addresses, telephone numbers, website links etc.

  • current overseas glassworkers: a list of some current overseas (i.e. non-United Kingdom) manufacturers of artistic glass, with any contact details we have (does not include many major glassworks, which are already listed under "glassware manufacturers")

  • manufacturers' labels & marks: by no means a comprehensive selection, but hopefully of some use

  • museums & collections: a list of museums around the world, either devoted to glassware, or containing glass collections

  • registered designs, 1842 to 1944: a list of British Registered Design lozenges & numbers

  • decanters & drinking-glasses: some notes to aid in dating decanters & drinking-glasses

  • Thomas Webb & Sons catalogue: an old catalogue, dating from around 1938, showing what was presumably their complete range at that time. A potentially invaluable reference source (We regret that, due to shortage of space, we have had to remove the above item from glass notes. We hope to be able to make this, and other features, available to collectors in the form of a CD in due course)
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