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some books on glass

This is a very brief review of each of the books about glass (or which contain sections on glass) in our own library - we are sure there are many other useful books which we don't know about. Please also note that all the opinions as to the usefulness of the books listed, are ours alone. Others may not agree!

N.B. Many of the cover-prices quoted are approximate, nor can we guarantee that all titles are currently in print. You may find it necessary to contact a specialist bookseller in order to obtain some titles. In "glass notes: links & useful addresses", you will find the details of a few specialist booksellers in the U.K., most of whom we have found helpful in the past

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Please note: titles beginning with numbers are listed as though the number is written (i.e. "20th Century....." is listed under "T", "100 years of....." is listed under "H" for "hundred"). Also, to simplify reference, we have ignored "The" or "A" wherever they occur at the beginnings of titles