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Ancient Glass
Sidney M Bergman & Andrew Oliver Jr, 1980 (Carnegie Museum, LOC No. 80-67130, price unknown)
A catalogue of the Carnegie Museum collection of ancient glass. Hundreds of photos. many in colour. Fascinating stuff

Animals in glass - a Murano bestiary
Marina Barovier & Attilia Dorigato, 1996 (Canal & Stamperia Editrice, 88-86502-56-7, about £19.50)
Beautiful animal figures from the 1920s through to the 1960s - unfortunately not the sort of thing you are likely to come across very often

Antique Coloured Glass
Keith Middlemas, 1979 (Ferndale Editions, 0-905746-04-X, £10.50)
(originally published as 'Continental Coloured Glass' - see later entry)
I like this author. He is informative without being pedantic, and the book contains lots of good colour photographs, mainly of pieces not illustrated elsewhere

Antique Glass (from the Starting To Collect series)
John Sandon, 1999 (Antique Collector's Club, 1-85149-286-0, £12.50)
(Reprinted 2003 in a larger format, 1-85149-452-9, price still £12.50)
John Sandon is the son of Henry Sandon (Worcester china expert on the 'Antiques Road Show'), and is the glass & ceramics expert at Philips Auction House. This book is truly excellent for the beginner; well organised, well illustrated, well written, and covers the cheaper end of glass-collecting as well as more expensive items. Bravo!

Art Deco (a buyer's guide to the Decorative Arts, 1919-1939)
Malcolm Haslam, 1987 (Macdonald Orbis, 0-356-14300-7, £9.95)
Only 16 of its pages are specifically about glass, but a good little guide about the period in general, which is one I like

Art Deco to Post Modernism (a legacy of British Art Deco glass)
Nigel Benson & Jeanette Hayhurst (Liber Vitreorum, 0-9545718-1-9, £12.00)
A slim (40 page) booklet, produced to accompany the exhibition of the same name, held in September 2003 at the Richard Dennis Gallery in London. Absolutely essential for the collector of British Art Deco cut glass, with many black & white illustrations

"Art, Feat & Mystery", The story of Thomas Webb & Sons, Glassmakers
H W Woodward, 1978 (Mark & Moody, 0-9506439-04, £4.75)
A slim but lovingly written and well-illustrated volume, with much information not contained elsewhere

Art Glass by Archimede Seguso
Umberto Franzoi, 1991 (Arsenale Editrice, 88-7743-092-3, price unknown)
Magnificent. 155 colour plates of his work, from 1932 to 1991, each one dated! (Unfortunately, probably now out of print.)

Art Glass Identification & Price Guide
John A. Shuman III, 2003 (Krause Publications, 0-87349-676-0, $27.99)
A somewhat ambitious title! Good illustrations, though, and some useful information

Art Glass Nouveau
Ray & Lee Grover, 1967 (Charles E Tuttle Co, no ISBN number, $27.50)
A recently-discovered treasure, probably long out of print. 424 splendid colour plates of late 19th and early 20th Century glass, with accompanying text. Particularly strong on American glass, but includes a fair number of European pieces

Arthur Negus Guide to British Glass
John Brooks, 1981 (Hamlyn, 0-600-34218-2, price unknown)
Part of the "Arthur Negus Guide to" series, but the great man only contributes a foreword. John Brooks is a man who clearly loves his glass, and his enthusiasm is infectious. His explanation of the historical development of British glassmaking, particularly, is masterly. Excellent

Art of French Glass, 1860 - 1914, The
Janine Bloch-Dermant, 1980 (Thames & Hudson, 0-500-23322-5, price unknown - about £50 second-hand)
Long out-of-print, a beautifully illustrated book that sheds light on some of the lesser-known French producers of art glass, as well as the household names

Art of Glass, The (Art Nouveau to Art Deco)
Victor Arwas, 1996 (Andreas Papadakis, 1-901092-00-3, £17.95)
This post-dates "Glass - Art Nouveau to Art Deco" by the same author, and was produced to accompany an exhibition at the Sunderland Museum & Art Gallery. It is less encyclopaedic, but nonetheless useful, and sumptuously illustrated as you would expect.

Art of René Lalique, The
Patricia Bayer & Mark Waller, 1988 (Grange Books, 1-85627-930-8, around £40.00)
Not the most exhaustive book on Lalique, but a good general book on the man, his jewellery and his glass, with about 350 colour photographs of (mostly) masterpieces.

Jean-Louis Curtis, 1992 (Thames & Hudson, 0-500-01555-4, about £75.00)
The entire history of the Baccarat factory up to 1990, with over 300 illustrations, most in colour. Magnifique!

British glass between the wars
Edited by Roger Dodsworth, 1987 (Dudley Leisure Services, 0-900911-22-0, about £10.00)
Only an exhibition catalogue, but contains a lot of information about glass companies not available elsewhere

British glass, 1800 - 1914
Charles R Hajdamach, 1991 (Antique Collector's Club, 1-85149-141-4, £45.00)
This is it! The book any fan of 19th Century British glass must have, even if they never buy another one. I just wish the author would write another book on continental glass of the same period (and maybe a supplement for this one that would take us up to 1940).

Chats on Old Glass
R A Robertson, 1954 (Ernest Benn, no ISBN number, original price 12/6d)
Part of the "Chats on ..." series (which covered all types of antiques). It is written, as the title suggests, in a conversational style, with obvious enthusiasm for the subject. An entertaining read (180 pages, with 46 black & white plates)

circa Fifties Glass
Leslie Piña, 1997 (Schiffer, 0-7643-0229-9, £39.95)
The sequel to Fifties Glass; every bit as good, layout improved, and with much better coverage of non-Italian glass.

Collectable Glass
Jane Douglas, 1961 (Longacre Press Ltd, no ISBN number, 5 shillings!)
Produced for "The Farmer's Weekly" (I kid you not!), and subtitled "for those who would like to start collecting glass in a small way". You can forget the quoted prices (£3 to £5 for an early 19th Century cream-jug), but this is an interesting little 64-page book, with its black-and-white illustrations.

Collectible Bohemian Glass, 1880 - 1940
Robert & Deborah Truitt, 1995 (B & D Glass, no ISBN number, $49.95 - about £30.00 in UK)
Well researched, laid out and illustrated; by far the best book on the subject. Well worth buying.

Collectible Bohemian Glass, Volume II, 1915 - 1945
Robert & Deborah Truitt, 1998 (B & D Glass, 0-9668376-2-2, $39.95 - about £35.00 in UK)
Different from the first volume, but just as good in its own way. Well laid out and illustrated. Another one worth buying if you like Bohemian/Czechoslovakian glass.

Collectible Glass Rose Bowls (a history and identification guide)
Johanna S Billings, 1999 (Antique Trader Books, 1-58221-009-08, $26.95 - about £15.00 in UK)
Johanna Billings has done her best to attribute a manufacturer to every piece, and has thereby created a very useful reference source for all kinds of fancy glass, even for those who don't collect rose bowls. Well worth having on your shelf

Collecting Lalique glass
Robert Prescott-Walker, 1996 (Francis Joseph Publications, 1-870703-46-4, £16.95)
A potted guide to Lalique (including a section on How to Become a Lalique Expert), but quite useful for the beginner, not least because it includes guide prices.

Collector's dictionary of glass, The
E M Elville, 1961 (Country Life, no ISBN number, price unknown)
A curiosity for the enthusiast. A bit dated, and contains some assertions which most dealers today would dispute, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Collector's guide to Antique Glass, A
Ruth Hurst Vose, 1975 (reprinted 1996 by Leopard Books, 0-7529-0416-7, £9.95)
Good basic book for the beginner who wants to collect glass, but doesn't know much about it. Over 350 excellent line drawings, each with accompanying text, together with 32 colour plates, covering practically every type of glass, ancient and modern.

Collectors guide to Jobling 1930s decorative glass, A
John Baker & Kate Crowe, 1985 (Tyne & Wear CC Museums, 0-905974-25-5, price unknown)
The booklet for Jobling enthusiasts; contains illustrations of every piece they ever made.

Colours of Murano in the XIX Century, The
Rosella Junck (editor), 1999 (Arsenale Editrice, 88-7743-264-0, about £20.00)
Wonderful. Superb illustrations, and provides more definite attributions than "Venetian Glass - Confections in Glass, 1855 - 1914".

Continental Coloured Glass
Keith Middlemas, 1971 (Barrie & Jenkins)
(re-published as 'Antique Coloured Glass' - see earlier entry)

Daum - Masters of French Decorative Glass
Clotilde Bacri, 1993 (Thames & Hudson, 0-500-23652-6, about £65.00)
Yum, yum - glass good enough to eat! If you can afford the best from the Daum factory (or just like to dream), this book's for you.

Davidson's Glass - From Gateshead To The World
A souvenir of the exhibition first shown at the Shipley Art Gallery, 1993 (Tyne & Wear, £1.50)
Brief, but lots of interesting information about the company, right up to its closure. The colour photos are few in number, but beautiful. I'm still not sure about the quoted dates of introduction of some cloud glass colours, which are at odds with those from the Pottery Gazette. Who is right?

Decorative Victorian Glass
Cyril Manley, 1981 (Ward Lock, 0-7063-5966-6, price unknown)
A ground-breaking book when first published, although more recent research (particularly into Bohemian glass) has shown that some of Manley's attributions were incorrect. Despite this, it is still reckoned to be the "Bible" for identifying manufacturers of Victorian (and early 20th Century) glassware. Long since out of print, you may have to dig deep to buy a copy

Designs in Miniature: The Story of Mosaic Glass
Jutta-Annette Bruhn, 1995 (The Corning Museum of Glass, 0-87290-136-X, price unknown)
A slim volume (only 48 pages end to end) but it will teach you all you need to know about the techniques of mosaic, millefiori & murrhine.

Dresser (People's Designer, 1834-1904)
Various authors, 1999 (Alastair Carew-Cox, 0-9532801-1-X, about £30)
Actually a catalogue from a 1999 exhibition by New Century, but nonetheless the best book on Dr Christopher Dresser and his designs. The book is divided into the various disciplines in which the great man worked, the section on glass being by Christopher Morley. My only (small) grumble is that the pages are not numbered!

Eighteenth Century English drinking-glasses (an illustrated guide)
L M Bickerton, 1971 (Antique Collector's Club, 0-907462-61-8, £49.50)
You need to be a bit of an "anorak" (or insomniac!) for this one. Excellent illustrations, not much in the way of text. Section on values now well out of date.

Emile Gallé
Philippe Garner, 1979 (Academy Editions, 85670-416-4, £49.50)
Wonderful stuff, of course, if a bit beyond the pocket of most collectors. 194 illustrations, of which 34 in colour, and a detailed account of the life and work of the master.

English & Irish Glass
W A Thorpe, 1927 (The Medici Society, no ISBN, 17/6d)
Yes, 1927 - at which time, the author worked in the Department of Ceramics at the V & A. If you like your glass pre-1800, you'll love this book. Few colour plates, but plenty in black & white, preceded by 30 pages of interesting and informative text

English Glass
edited by Sidney Crompton, 1967 (Ward Lock, no ISBN, price unknown)
Excellent book on the subject, and well illustrated (in black & white). Particularly strong on Georgian & Regency glassware

English Glass
W B Honey, 1987 (Bracken Books, 1-85170-115-X, £4.99)
A bit of a curiosity. First published in 1946, it contains only 47 pages of text, with 26 black-and-white and 8 colour plates. Worth a look if you see a copy going cheap!

English Glass for the Collector, 1660 - 1860
G Bernard Hughes, 1958 (Lutterworth Press, no ISBN number, 27/6d)
One for the connoisseur of Georgian and Regency glassware of all types, with plenty of black-and-white photos and line drawings

English Glassware to 1900 (An Introduction to)
Charles Truman, 1984 (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 0-11-290411-4, £4.95)
A slim, hard-bound volume produced for the V&A museum by the Assistant Keeper of the Department of Ceramics. Only some 12 pages of text and 42 captioned plates (some in colour) of items from their collection, but nonetheless interesting.

European Glass from 1500 - 1800 (The Ernesto Wolf Collection)
Brigitte Klesse & Hans Meyr, 1987 (Kremayr & Scheriau, 3-218-00465-9, about £40.00)
220 pieces from the magnificent Ernesto Wolf collection of continental glass, photographed in full colour (often from several angles). with accompanying text and a further 261 supporting black-and-white photographs/illustrations. Superb reference work.

European Glass - The development of hollow glassware through the ages
Olga Drahotová, 1983 (Peerage Books, 0-907408-75-3, price unknown)
Every item illustrated is from museum collections in Czechoslovakia (as it then was), not the same old items that one usually sees, which is a good start.

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