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50s Decorative Art
Charlotte & Peter Fiell, 2000 (Taschen, 3-8228-6619-9, about £18.00)
A general source book on 1950s design, but pages 314 to 381 are devoted to glass designs (all dated), with several (mainly black-and-white) photos on each page. Frankly, the production quality of the book is poor, but the information it contains is invaluable.

Fifties Glass
Leslie Piña, 1993 (Schiffer, 0-88740-548-7, £39.95)
The best general book on the subject, and contains some useful information (even if the prices in the guide are pretty debatable). At least the illustrations include pieces within the reach of the average collector.

Five Thousand Years of Glass
Hugh Tait (Editor), 1995 (British Museum Press, 0-7141-1756-0, £16.99)
I think this is the best overall history of glass on the market, from its origins up to World War II. Very informative, with loads of colour plates (mostly of specimens from the British Museum collection), and an excellent photo-illustrated section on glassmaking techniques at the end.

Frederick Carder: Portrait of a glassmaker
Paul V Gardner, 1985 (The Corning Museum of Glass, 0-87290-111-4, price unknown)
Probably out of print now. Brings to life one of the great glassmakers of the century (from his time at Stevens & Williams to the Steuben Glass Co) in a very amusing fashion, plus 75 colour plates of Carder's glass in chronological order.

From Palace to Parlour - A Celebration of 19th Century British Glass
Martine S Newby, 2003 (The Glass Circle, 0-9530-70303, £15.00)
The catalogue for the exhibition of the same name, which was organised by The Glass Circle, and hosted by The Wallace Collection in London in 2003. The title is pretty self-explanatory, and if you like 19th C British glass, we would recommend you get hold of a copy of this while it is still in print. Every single item in the exhibition is illustrated in the 234 colour photos, with accompanying text

Génie Verrier de l'Europe, Le
Giuseppe Cappa, 1998 (Editions Flammarion, 978-287009-680-2, around £50.00)
Unfortunately, we don't have a copy of this, but it comes highly recommended! Text is in French, but loads of illustrations of European glassware from 1840 to 1998

Glasmarken Lexicon 1600-1945
Carolus Hartmann, 1997 (Arnoldsche, 3-925369-37-6, £180.00)
A massive, boxed compendium of signatures, manufacturer's marks & labels. We've finally bitten the bullet and bought a copy, and I have to say it is extremely useful. We hope the author will in due course publish an addendum, both to correct the odd mistake (you couldn't expect a work of this scope to get everything right first time) and to add more information that wasn't at hand when this book was published.

John A Brooks, 1975 (Sampson Low Collector's Library, 562-00009-7, price unknown)
From the 15th Century BC to the present day - in only 80 pages! Pretty superficial stuff, but some nice illustrations (of masterpieces, of course!).

Edited by Reino Liefkes, 1997 (V & A Publications, 1-851-77197-2, £25.00)
Authoritative and beautifully illustrated with stunning examples (mostly from the Victoria & Albert Museum's own collection), from ancient to modern. Pity it's not rather longer, really!

Alexander Nesbitt, F.S.A., 1878 (South Kensington Museum Art Handbooks, no ISBN number, price unknown)
Yes, 1878! I found this one at an antiques fair, which is about your only hope. Contains "numerous woodcuts"! Fascinating, not least because the great explosion of Victorian invention in glass had not yet taken place. I assume the South Kensington Museum is what we now know as the Victoria & Albert Museum?

George Savage, 1972 (Octopus Books, 7064-0038-0, price unknown)
(Originally published in 1965 by George Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
Covers ancient & antique glass from all over the world (mainly before 1800), particularly Europe. Only 97 pages, but well-written and constructed, with 143 illustrations in colour & black-and-white.

Glass - A Handbook and a Guide to the Museum Collection
W B Honey, 1946 (Victoria & Albert Museum, no ISBN number, price unknown)
This copy was given to me by a friend, and it's unlikely you will come across it. 72 pages of black-and-white photos of items in the V & A, with accompanying text by the Keeper of the Department of Ceramics. Interesting, but I'm certain some of the pieces will since have been re-attributed.

Glass - Art Nouveau to Art Deco
Victor Arwas, 1987 (Academy Editions, 0-85670-926-3, £49.50)
Wonderful, sumptuously illustrated coffee-table book. THE source of information on glass works of the world, from the 1890s to WW II. Sadly, as usual, the illustrations are mostly of masterpieces.

Glass - History and Art
Prof. Dr. Joseph Philippe, 1982 (Eugène Wahle, 0-87011-035-9, price unknown)
A simply dreadful text translation mars this otherwise interesting book from the director of the Liège Museum of Glass, though it is saved by the 272 illustrations (28 in colour) (in particular, the Roman, Frankish & Merovingian glass, and the 19th & 20th Century Belgian glass). Worth the £7.00 I paid for it!

Glass - Signatures, Trademarks & Tradenames
Anne Geffken Pullin, 1986 (Wallace Homestead, 0-87069-462-6, $16.95)
Occasionally useful. Not as comprehensive as the author would have you believe, particularly when it comes to dates. Wish she had employed a trained artist to reproduce the trademarks!

Glass - Twentieth century design
Frederick Cooke, 1986 (E P Dutton, 0-525-48261-X, $13.95)
Contains an odd but interesting variety of information on 20th Century glass, from Pyrex to Lalique, Dartington to Venini. Good section on 1950s to 1970s tableware!

Glass and Glassmaking
Roger Dodsworth, 1982 (Shire Publications, 0-85263-585-0, £2.25)
A good overview of glassmaking for the uninitiated, if rather brief. Still, you can't grumble about the prices of Shire books!

Glass and Glassware
George Savage, 1978 (Cathay Books, 0-904644-62-6, price unknown)
A few errors of fact (aren't there always?), but I found this slim book highly readable and well laid out, and the illustrated pieces were nearly all new to me! Originally published in 1973 by Hennerwood Publications. 225 illustrations in colour & black-and-white.

Glass & Metalware (from the Everyday Collectables series)
Edited by Joey Chapter, 1991 (W H Smith Exclusive Books, 1-85435-418-3, price unknown)
Most of this material was previously published in the Marshall Cavendish part-work Times Past. An interesting concept, including as it does items such as cruets, claret-jugs & oil-lamps, which are normally ignored by books just on glass. Well illustrated, but rather a slim book, of which half is concerned only with metal items.

Glass in Murano
Rosa Barovier Mentasti/Tullio Toninato, 1984 (Venice Chamber of Commerce, price unknown)
Purely an advertisement for Murano glassmakers, with 36 pages of potted history of Murano glassmaking and techniques, followed by 64 colour plates, each showing examples of the work of one particular (current) Murano manufacturer, with their details.

Glass of four millennia
Martine S Newby, 2000 (Ashmolean Museum, 1-85444-123-X, £6.95)
A handbook for the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, this contains only illustrations of pieces in their own glass collection, but many of the pieces are superb examples of the glassmaker's art.

Glass of John Walsh Walsh 1850-1951, The
Eric Reynolds, 1999 (Richard Dennis, 0-903685-74-4, £25.00 or paperback 0-903685-69-8, £20.00)
At last a decent book about this hitherto relatively neglected Birmingham glassworks. Plenty of colour & black-and-white photos, and a comprehensive text. Also oceans of line-drawn designs from the factory pattern book, but you will definitely need a good magnifying-glass when referring to them!

Glass of the Avant-Garde
Torsten Bröhan & Martin Eidelberg, 2001 (Prestel, 3-7913-2511-6, around £40)
Sub-titled "from Vienna Secession to Bauhaus", this book was published on the occasion of the worldwide exhibition of the collection of Torsten Bröhan. There is no better book on this period of German, Austrian and Czech avant-garde glass. Beautiful illustrations, and very helpful attributions

Glass Paperweights
Patricia McCawley, 1975 (Charles Letts Books, 0-85097-374-0, £3.25)
A lot has happened in the paperweight world since the author (who ran the paperweight department of Spink's at the time) put pen to paper, but it is still a very useful book

Glass Source Book
Jo Marshall, 1998 (Quantum Books, 0-84013-181-0, £19.99)
The title may sound a bit pretentious (as if it was the only one worth considering!), but I have to say I like this one. Well laid-out, well written & well illustrated

Hallmarks of Antique Glass, The
R Wilkinson, 1968 (Richard Madley Ltd, no ISBN, price unknown)
Excellent aid to identification for the dealer or collector (sadly long-since out of print, but keep an eye out for a copy). Some 300 plates, about 25 in colour

Hi Sklo Lo Sklo
Mark Hill, 2008 (Mark Hill, 0-9552865-3-0, about £20.00)
Ever come across a modern-looking vase that you couldn't identify? Chances are, it's in here! Excellent photos, lots of information about Post-War Czech glassworks & designers

Historic Glass (from collections in North West England)
1979 (Merseyside County Museums, 0-85331-418-7, price unknown)
Not an expensively-produced book, so unfortunately all the photos are in black & white. However, it contains a good spread of excellent examples from museum collections, from ancient Egyptian to early 20th Century

History of glass, The
Dan Klein & Ward Lloyd, 1993 (Black Cat, 0-7481-0246-9, price unknown)
The global history of glass from its beginnings to the present day. With such an ambitious canvas, the brush-strokes are necessarily broad. Nevertheless, a worthy book, but the same old illustrations of masterpieces.

How to Identify English Drinking-glasses & Decanters, 1680-1830
Douglas Ash, 1962 (G Bell & Sons, no ISBN number, price unknown)
Not as comprehensively illustrated as "Eighteenth Century English drinking-glasses" by L M Bickerton, but with much more informative text. If you collect glasses and/or decanters, you will want this book in your library

100 years of the Decorative Arts
Eric Knowles, 2000 (Miller's, 1-84000-052-X, £19.99)
Originally published in 1993 as "Miller's Victoriana to Art Deco", which was reprinted several times. A wonderful book which traces the development of design through Victoriana, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, in each of the different artistic disciplines. Unfortunately the glass section is only 35 pages, but what there is of it is well done.

100 years of Webb Corbett, 1897-1997
Published by Broadfield House Glass Museum for the exhibition of the same name, 1997 (no ISBN number, price about £3.00)
Only 8 pages, but if you want to know specifically about the Webb Corbett company, I don't know of a better source.

Identification of English pressed glass, 1842 - 1908, The
Jenny Thompson, 1989 (Jenny Thompson, 0-9515491-0-3, price unknown)
Most useful for its complete list of registered designs for English glass. Histories of the glass works are a little sketchy, and some don't even get a mention. A few illustrations and plates, but far from a comprehensive selection.

Identification of English pressed glass, 1842 - 1908, A supplement to The
Jenny Thompson, 1993 (Jenny Thompson, 0-9515491-1-1, price unknown)
As the title suggests, a few additional companies, illustrations and snippets of information (that should have been in the main book), and, for that reason, not as essential.

Illustrated dictionary of glass, An
Harold Newman, 1987 (Thames & Hudson, 0-500-27451-7, price unknown)
The best-known & most comprehensive of the glass dictionaries. Occasionally useful, if not a gripping read!

Irish glass (Waterford, Cork, Belfast, in the Age of Exuberance)
Phelps Warren, 1970, revised 1981 (Faber & Faber, 0-571-18028-0, price £25.00)
Excellent, well-illustrated book that will settle most arguments as to which of your 18th and early 19th Century pieces were actually made in Ireland. A must for the specialist collector of Georgian glassware

Italian Glass, Murano - Milan, 1930 - 1970
Helmut Ricke & Eva Schmitt, 1997 (Prestel, 3-7913-1736-9, about £50.00)
Previously only available in German, this English edition contains plenty of useful information, though the sumptuous illustrations (as usual) tend to be of masterworks.

Lalique Glass, The Complete Illustrated Catalogue for 1932
Corning Museum of Glass, 1981 (Dover Publications, 0-486-24122-X, price $18.95, about £20 in UK)
Just a catalogue, but therefore shows the complete range of products (down to the teensiest little figurine) at a time when Lalique & Cie were at their height. For that reason, it is important archive material, and esential for any dealer in, or collector of, Lalique

Loetz, Bohemian Glass 1880 - 1940
Jan Mergl, Ernst Ploil & Helmut Ricke, 2003 (Hatje Cantz, 3-7757-1322-0, price unknown)
The Loetz 'Bible', created for the Neue Galerie in New York, sumptuously illustrated and extremely authoritative. With accompanying CD of Loetz patterns

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