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Made in Czechoslovakia (first volume)
Ruth A Forsythe, 1982 (Ruth A Forsythe, no ISBN number, £11.50)
Typical "vanity" publication. Lots of quite good illustrations, but zero information worth talking about. A chance for the author to show off her (and her friends') collection.

Michael Harris - Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight Studio Glass
Mark Hill, 2006 (Mark Hill Publishing, 0-955-28651-4, about £25.00)
At last a comprehensive book on Michael Harris. Excellent and well-illustrated

Miller's Antiques checklist - Art Deco
Eric Knowles, 1991 (Mitchell Beazley, 0-85533-888-1, £9.99)
Only 26 out of 190-odd pages on glassware, so it's mostly high-end stuff. Also perpetuates the Baccarat 'butterfly-mark' myth (it was used by Hoffmann, Eric!)

Miller's Antiques checklist - Art Nouveau
Eric Knowles, 1992 (Mitchell Beazley, 0-85533-919-5, £6.99)
Some 30 of its 190-odd pages are devoted to glass. Not bad value for the price

Miller's Antiques checklist - Glass
Mark West, 1994 (Mitchell Beazley, 1-85732-271-1, £9.99)
Excellent, handy pocket-sized guide, packed with information. As usual, though, a bit stronger on what I would call "Bond Street" glass, rather than what you might find at a typical fair

Miller's Antiques fact file
Judith & Martin Miller, 1988 (Mitchell Beazley, 0-85533-689-7, about £7.99)
Indispensable little pocket-sized book for the bargain-hunter, although the section on glass could be better

Miller's Art Nouveau & Art Deco Buyer's Guide
Eric Knowles, 1995 (Miller's Publications [Reed Consumer Books], 1-85732-685-7, £18.99)(Glass section by Patrick & Susan Gould)
Useful price guide if you are into Lalique, Daum, Gallé, Tiffany, Loetz etc

Miller's Collecting Glass: The facts at your fingertips
Sarah Yates (with Mark West & David McCarron), 2000 (Mitchell Beazley, 1-84000-191-7, £12.99)
Excellent book for the aspiring collector, although the coverage of more modern glass is pretty limited

Miller's Glass Buyer's Guide
Jeanette Hayhurst (Consultant), 2001 (Octopus Publishing Group, 1-84000-361-8, £19.99)
Over 2,000 items illustrated (many in colour), from the 17th Century up to the present. Each item has a guide price, many of which are debatable (ranging from slightly too low to absurdly high, in our opinion). Overall, a useful book, nonetheless, despite a few dubious attributions & dates here and there

Miller's Glass of the '20s & '30s: A Collector's Guide
Frankie Liebe (special consultant: Jeanette Hayhurst), 1999 (1-84000-070-8, £5.99)
A good little booklet for the beginner collector. Well illustrated, informative text. Not sure about the quoted prices, though (some are too high, some too low), but it's still well worth the money

Miller's Glass of the '50s & '60s: A Collector's Guide
Nigel Benson, 2002 (1-84000-538-6, £5.99)
Nigel says that he deliberately set out to include as much as possible of the sort of glass you are most likely to come across, and has mostly ignored the sort of rare, mega-expensive pieces that most such books illustrate. We think it has worked very well, and this will prove to be a useful reference for both beginners and established collectors

Miller's Paperweights of the 19th & 20th Centuries: A Collector's Guide
Anne Metcalfe, 2000 (Mitchell Beazley, 1-84000-309-X, £5.99)
Excellent pocket reference-book for the beginner, by a lady who knows her weights.

Miller's Perfume Bottles: A Collector's Guide
Madeleine Marsh (special consultants: Linda Bee & Lynda Brine), 1999 (Mitchell Beazley, 1-84000-069-4, £5.99)
Like the previous titles, a well illustrated and very informative guide for the beginner. I don't know enough about the subject to say if the quoted prices are correct, but they seem reasonable to me.

Miller's Popular Glass of the 19th & 20th Centuries: A Collector's Guide
Raymond Notley, 2000 (Mitchell Beazley, 1-84000-188-7, £5.99)
Mainly pressed glass. At only 64 pages, it's a bound to be a bit skimpy, but another useful pocket guide in this series. The prices quoted often seem a bit steep, but I would rather they were too high than too low!

Miller's 20th Century Glass
Andy McConnell, 2006 (Mitchell Beazley, 1-84533-099-4, £30.00)
Over 2,000 pieces of modern glassware, including more run-of-the-mill pieces which can be easily found, which is useful. As ever, the prices quoted are a bit steep!

Miller's Understanding antiques
Judith & Martin Miller, 1989 (Mitchell Beazley, 0-85533-746-X, £19.95)
Not specifically about glass, but contains quite a good "overview" of the subject for the beginner, as it does about other fields.

Modern Glas in Nederland (Modern Glass in the Netherlands), 1880 - 1940
Titus M. EliŽns, 2002 (Waanders Uitgevers, 90-400-8671-0, price unknown)
The only book we know of that concerns itself solely with Dutch glass. Beautiful illustrations, parallel Dutch and English texts

Moser, 1857 - 1997
Jan Mergl & Lenka PŠnkovŠ, 1997 (published by Moser for their 140th anniversary - price unknown)
Another 'must have' for the Moser collector, although we suspect it may be difficult to obtain

Moser Artistic Glass (Edition Two)
Gary D Baldwin, 1997 (The Glass Press, Inc, 1-57080-037-5, $US 50.00 - about £30.00)
The book on Moser, with much textual meat to it, by a man who knows his subject. Covers Moser glass up to date, with over 300 illustrations, 240 in colour.

Murano Glass Museum (English edition)
Attilia Dorigato, 1986 (Edizioni Electa SpA, 88-435-2043-1, price unknown)
Informative history of Murano with some excellent illustrations, particularly of pre-20th Century pieces. However, as it is essentially a museum guide, it constantly refers to exhibits in the museum which are not always illustrated. Very frustrating!

Murano Glass since 1940
Dr Jürgen Fischer, 1998 (Heilbronner Kunst- und Auktionshaus, no ISBN number, about £20.00)
The catalogue of a private collection of Murano glass sold in October 1998. Plenty of colour photos of sumptuous pieces, some of which I have not seen illustrated elsewhere. The text is informative, but so atrociously translated from the German that you may get a headache trying to figure it out!

Murano Glass - Themes and Variations, 1910 - 1970
Marc Heiremanns, 2002 (Arnoldsche, 3-89790-163-3, about £45)
An interesting, fresh angle on Murano glass. The author groups works by the types of their construction and decoration, describing techniques and showing versions of each by various companies. Also contains a good general reference section

19th Century British Glass
Hugh Wakefield, 1961 (Faber & Faber, no ISBN number, 50 shillings!)
Long since out of print, but worth keeping an eye out for. 171 black-and-white, 4 colour plates; nothing like as encyclopaedic as Hajdermach's book, but with some interesting attributions and information on lesser-known 19th Century glass works

Objects of Fantasy (Glass Inclusions of the Nineteenth Century)
Dena K Tarshis, 2001 (Paperweight Press, 0-933756-39-9, hardback version $100.00)
Beautiful photographs, stunning glass. By no means all the objects illustrated are paperweights, despite the publisher's name, but many feature included sulphides or millefiori canes. Many thanks to Terry Johnson for presenting us with this copy!

Old English Paperweights
Robert G Hall, 1998 (Schiffer, 0-7643-0539-5, about £32.50)
Finally, a decent, well-illustrated book on this most neglected of subjects. Thank you, Bob!

Old Venetian Glass
Karel Hetteö, 1960 (Spring Books, no ISBN number, price unknown)
A translation of a Czechoslovakian book, doubtless long out of print. The 72 plates are all in black-and-white, but there are items here that I have not seen elsewhere. Worth looking out for if you are a fan of Venetian glass.

Pat Reilly, 1994 (The Apple Press, 1-85076-521-9, £8.99)
Can't grumble at the price! A good beginner's overview, with helpful section on identification

Paperweights of the world
Monika Flemming & Peter Pommerencke, 1993 (Schiffer, 0-88740-592-4, about £30.00)
The best general book on the subject. Covers a lot of the modern paperweight manufacturers as well as the mega-expensive old ones. Will need regular updating, though, as this is a rapidly-growing field

Persian Glass
Shinji Fukai, 1977 (Weatherhill/Tankosha, 0-8348-1515-X, $50.00)
2000 years of Persian glass.The only specialist book on the subject that we have come across. 89 colour plates, with line drawings monochrome photos

Phaidon Guide to Glass
Felice Mehlman, 1982 (Phaidon Press, 0-7148-2202-7, price unknown)
An excellent beginner's book, well laid-out, with informative text and loads of great photos

Popular collectables - Glass
Muriel M Miller, 1990 (Guinness Publishing, 0-85112-903-X, £9.95)
The first book on glass we ever bought! Only a pocket-sized reference book, but excellent for a beginner. At the time of publication the guide prices were well too high, but nowadays they're a bit on the low side!

Pressed Flint Glass
Raymond Notley, 1997 (Shire publications Ltd, 0-85263-782-9, £2.50)
You really can't grumble at the price of Shire's guides, although the text is usually a bit thin, and the photos usually in black-and-white

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